Summer on the Winklmoos-Alm
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The plateau of Winklmoos-Alm, between the peaks of between Dürrnbachhorn and Steinplatte, might be the most famous district of Reit im Winkl. The Winklmoos-Alm is a ski area and hiking area, dark sky park and boasts well-known huts, inns and restaurants.

Whether in summer via the toll road or in winter by gondola, a short ride takes you from everyday life to an alpine paradise.

Grazing cows and horses, an overwhelming starry sky, great hospitality and enough space and opportunities for all kinds of sports await you on the Winklmoos-Alm plateau, whether lonely or in the company of like-minded people.

Highlights Winklmoos-Alm in summer

The Winklmoos-Alm plateau is an extensive alpine pasture area in the border area of Bavaria, Tyrol and Salzburg.

  • Dürrnbachhorn mountain (1,775 m) with its ridge crossing
  • Steinplatte mountain (1,869 m) and Triassic Park (dinosaur theme park)
  • “Om-Ummi” hike over the Fellhorn to the Hemmersuppenalm for long, bright summer days
  • Three-countries-point
  • Staubfall waterfall and the Heutal valley
  • MTB route over to the Loferer Alm
  • easy hike to the Muckklause- a small dam wall, where the melting snow used to collect enough water to carry felled tree trunks into the valley
  • nostalgic chairlift to the Dürrnbachhorn - 1-seater chairlift up to Dürrnbacheck at 1,610 m, 150 m below the summit of the Dürrnbachhorn summit. The journey takes about 20 minutes (only in summer).
  • Pilgrimage route:"Angelus Bergsteig" with 4 stations
  • Mountain masses and devotions at the Church of St. Johann im Gebirg and the Chapel of the Assumption of Mary
  • Alpine festivals: herb consecration in August, Almumtrieb in autumn etc

From the tour directory

Winklmoos-Alm in summer

Bike and Hike to Dürrnbachhorn

intermediate (tour)
A combined demanding tour for bikers and hikers with a great panorama.
  • 29.5 km
  • 1173 Hm
  • 04:00 h
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Dürrnbachhorn Summit Hike

difficult (hiking tour)
A breathtaking hike with a panoramic view of the Chiemgau and the Central Alps. Only recommended for hikers with a head for heights and…
  • 7.5 km
  • 624 Hm
  • 04:05 h
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Around Scheibelberg mountain

intermediate (hiking tour)
A moderately difficult hike with some steep inclines, but all the more beautiful viewpoints and scenes.
  • 9.5 km
  • 383 Hm
  • 03:20 h
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MTB 46 Winklmoos-Alm Loop

easy (tour)
Sporty tour with an impressive mountain panorama.
  • 10.7 km
  • 420 Hm
  • 01:15 h
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Muckklausen Loop

easy (hiking tour)
An easy hike with refreshment stops and breathtaking scenery
  • 6.2 km
  • 135 Hm
  • 02:00 h
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Heutal valley - Staubfall waterfall - Gföller Mähder

intermediate (hiking tour)
A great hike at the foot of the Sonntagshorn mountain through meadows to the waterfall.
  • 18.4 km
  • 539 Hm
  • 06:10 h
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Panorama Loop Winklmoos-Alm

intermediate (hiking tour)
Easy hike with nice places to stop for refreshments and great views.
  • 6.5 km
  • 197 Hm
  • 02:15 h
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Dürrnbachhorn mountain station

difficult (hiking tour)
A moderately difficult hike with steep slopes, to a great location. There are refreshment stops, good footwear is essential.
  • 9.2 km
  • 862 Hm
  • 05:00 h
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Dürrnbachhorn- Mountain Station from Winklmoos-Alm

difficult (hiking tour)
A medium to difficult hike with steep slopes in a great locations There are refreshment stops, good footwear is essential.
  • 7.1 km
  • 615 Hm
  • 04:10 h
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Great Winklmoos-Alm Loop

intermediate (hiking tour)
A long and moderately difficult hike with some steep sections. Nice refreshment stops at the Winklmoos-Alm.
  • 19.1 km
  • 712 Hm
  • 07:00 h
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Winklmoos-Alm/ Schwarzlofer-Almen

intermediate (hiking tour)
Easy hike possible with children, but not accessible with strollers.
  • 11.4 km
  • 385 Hm
  • 04:00 h
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Finsterbachalm Loop

intermediate (hiking tour)
An easy hike that the whole family can do. Refreshments, great locations and phenomenal views included.
  • 5.1 km
  • 263 Hm
  • 02:15 h
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Finsterbachalm via Kohlstatt and Dürrnbachalmen

intermediate (hiking tour)
Wonderful leisurely tour, also suitable for families. Great places to stop for a break!
  • 5.8 km
  • 323 Hm
  • 02:10 h
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MTB 56 Steinplatte Loop

intermediate (tour)
Up to the highest prehistoric coral reef in the Alps. Please note the orientation text given in the description.
  • 15.1 km
  • 550 Hm
  • 01:45 h
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MTB 59 Heutal Valley Loop

easy (tour)
Leisure tour around Bavaria and Salzburg. Please note the orientation text given in the description.
  • 25.9 km
  • 690 Hm
  • 02:45 h
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MTB 60 Loferer Alm Loop

intermediate (tour)
With almost 1500 meters of altitude one of the toughest MTB tours in the Chiemgau region. Please note the orientation text given in the description.
  • 43.5 km
  • 1450 Hm
  • 05:15 h
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Dürrnbachhorn Ridge Walk

difficult (hiking tour)
Demanding mountain tour with great impressions and beautiful mountain panoramas.
  • 15.2 km
  • 1025 Hm
  • 07:20 h
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MTB 58 Schwarzberg gorge Loop

easy (tour)
Discover nature on the Winklmoos circuit with nice refreshment stops. Please note the orientation text given in the description.
  • 20.7 km
  • 690 Hm
  • 02:15 h
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Highlights Winklmoos-Alm in winter

The gentle, wide slopes of the Winklmoos-Alm belong to those ski areas in Bavaria where you can best learn to ski. Anyone who spends a skiing holiday here does it again and again. Because as soon as you float down the gentle blue slopes with confidence, the red and black slopes in the adjacent Steinplatte ski area are waiting. Or would you prefer to try snowboarding? Or a ski tour up to Dürrnbachhorn?

Cross-country skiing is often lonely, surprisingly little can be heard or seen of the busy ski area. Likewise when hiking on the rolled winter hiking trails.

Some facts and figures

  • Winklmoos-Alm/ Steinplatte ski area at 1,000 to 1,900 m above sea level
  • 14 lifts and 44 kilometers of groomed slopes
  • 15 km of trails (classic and skating)
  • 50 km "Nordic Plus": challenging cross-country tour from Reit im Winkl via the Winklmoos-Alm to the Heutal and back

From the tour directory

Winklmoos-Alm in winter

No 14 cross country trail Moarlack classic | 11 km

easy (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
Classic • From the Winklmoos-Alm past the Sonnenalm and Almstüberl restaurants on a gently sloping trail to Moarlack.
  • 11.0 km
  • 222 Hm
  • 02:40 h
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Ski tour to Dürrnbachhorn summit

difficult (Ski tour)
Expert tour with a great mountain panorama.
  • 15.0 km
  • 1026 Hm
  • 03:30 h
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Nordic Plus

difficult (Cross-country skiing)
Nordic Plus is a challenging cross-country skiing circuit up to 50 km long for very experienced cross-country skiers with views of striking mountain…
  • 50.0 km
  • 1250 Hm
  • 06:00 h
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Winter hiking to Moarlack

intermediate (Winter hiking)
Out and about on the snowy expanses of the high moor.
  • 5.8 km
  • 76 Hm
  • 02:15 h
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Winter hiking trail Seegatterl - Winklmoos-Alm | 6.4 km

difficult (Winter hiking) Closed / not groomed
Pure nature.
  • 6.4 km
  • 463 Hm
  • 02:00 h
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Connection Seegatterl - Winklmoos-Alm classic | 7 km

difficult (Cross-country skiing) not groomed
The starting point is the Seegatterl car park. The rolled ascent trail runs steadily on a forest road.
  • 7.0 km
  • 426 Hm
  • 02:00 h
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Seegatterl-Dürrnbachhorn snowshoe tour

difficult (Snowshoeing)
A varied and demanding, expandable tour with a magnificent mountain view.
  • 9.7 km
  • 1087 Hm
  • 04:30 h
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No 16 cross country trail Winklmoos classic+skating | 3.5km

intermediate (Cross-country skiing) conditionally usable
Skating • A medium-difficulty skating trail with slight inclines and a larger descent.
  • 3.5 km
  • 95 Hm
  • 00:30 h
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No 13 cross country trail "Winklmoos-Alm" classic | 1.2 km

easy (Cross-country skiing) conditionally usable
Classic • An easy trail with small inclines and descents.
  • 1.2 km
  • 44 Hm
  • 00:20 h
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Dark Sky Park Winklmoos-Alm

The 1st certified dark sky park in the Alps. Dark sky parks are places with particularly low light pollution.

They offer extraordinary natural landscapes and a breathtaking view of the stars. Dark sky parks preserve the fascinating beauty of the starry sky as a valuable asset and cultural asset.

They preserve the habitat for many diurnal and especially nocturnal animals. And dark sky parks protect the essential need for a dark night sky as naturally as possible for people and nature. More information about the Dark Sky Park and the star gazing tours

Refreshments at the Winklmoos-Alm

Opening times without guarantee!

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Berggasthaus Almstüberl

Closed today

Reit im Winkl

The historic restaurant on the Winklmoos-Alm offers traditional Bavarian and Tyrolean dishes.
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Winklmoos SonnenAlm

Open today

Reit im Winkl

The Winklmoos Sonnen Alm is a family run, traditional restaurant and 3-star mountain hotel at the Winklmoos-Alm.
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Alpengasthof Möseralm

Open today


The restaurant Möseralm in the skiing and hiking paradise Steinplatte offers Tyrolean cuisine.
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©© Tobias


Reit im Winkl

When you are hiking to Finsterbachalm, try the homemade cheese at this alpine hut.
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"Stallenalm" is a popular hut in the Winklmoos-Alm/ Steinplatte skiing and hiking area, serving Bavarian and Austrian dishes.
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Traunsteiner Hütte

Open today

Reit im Winkl

At "Traunsteiner Hütte", a hut at Winklmoos-Alm, you're being served regional dishes.
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©© Tobias


Open today


Solid and seasonal dishes are offered at the Wildalm mountain hut in the skiing and hiking area Wildalm in the Heutal valley.
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©© Tobias


Reit im Winkl

The alpine hut "Zenz-Alm" is located in the hiking area of Winklmoos-Alm/ Steinplatte.
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How to get to the Winklmoos-Alm plateau?

  • Summer: Toll road from Seegatterl, 1 free drive per day with the Reit im Winkl inklusiv Card
  • Summer: on Thursdays hop on the hiking bus from Reit im Winkl, free with the Reit im Winkl inklusiv Card
  • Summer: RVO bus according to the timetable
  • Summer: hiking trails and bike paths from Seegatterl
  • Coaches: ascent according to the schedule
  • Gondola: operating in winter only
  • Vans: use of toll road during the day but no overnight stay possible
  • Winter: cross-country track from Seegatterl
  • Winter: gondola from Seegatterl
  • Winter: Toll road only with a special permit, outside of the operating hours of the gondola (e.g. when staying overnight on the Winklmoos-Alm)
  • The tiny district of Seegatterl is located on the B 305 between Reit im Winkl and Ruhpolding, about 5 km from Reit im Winkl. Parking lot (with costs, reimbursement possible).
Gentian Flower

Natural sights

Alphorn players
©© Markus Schmuck

Barefoot park

Between via ferrata, water lily pond and Kriegerkapelle chapel

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Dark Sky Park Winklmoos-Alm - Church and Milky Way
©© Sebastian Voltmer

Dark Sky Park Winklmoos-Alm

1st Dark Sky Park in the Alps - in Reit im Winkl / Winklmoos-Alm

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Magical Hemmersuppenalm in winter
©© Chiemgau Tourismus e.V. Andreas Plenk


Unspoilt nature, between Hindenburghütte and Fellhorn

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View to Lake Weitsee from the Dürrfeldkreuz
©© Kern

Three Lakes Area

Meet lakes Weitsee, Mittersee and Lödensee, the most beautiful lakes in the Chiemgau region

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Hausbach waterfall
©© Stefanie Dehler

Hausbach Waterfall

Hiking trail, via ferrata, photo spot

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On the Winklmoos-Alm
©© Stockklauser

Alpine pastures

The most beautiful alpine pastures and how to get there

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Steinplatte summit cross
©© Bergbahn Steinplatte Winklmoos-Alm

Summits and summit crosses

The most beautiful mountains all around Reit im Winkl

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Hiking trail through the Klausenbach gorge
©© Markus Schmuck


Hiking, abseiling, in awe with a wild river and mountain area

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Lake Taubensee
©© Stefanie Raab

Lake Taubensee

Hike to a lonely mountain lake close to Reit im Winkl

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Three countries point at Scheibelberg mountain
©© Florian Weindl

Three-countries-point at Scheibelberg

Where Bavaria meets Tyrol and Salzburg

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Kids playing by the Glacier Mill Field
©© Schedl

Glacier Mill Field

Reminder of the last ice age - the glacier mill field at Wimmerkreuz

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Entrance to Reit im Winkl
© © Kern

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