Church of St. Pankratius in Reit im Winkl
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Strolling through Reit im Winkl

A holiday in Bavaria - do you have a very special picture in your mind? A pictures of an idyllic small town in front of a mountain backdrop, with a church, May pole and taverns?

The picture in your head is perhaps Reit im Winkl in the Chiemgau region in Southern Germany, and the mountains in the background are Zahmer and Wilder Kaiser. Join us on a stroll through a typical Upper Bavarian town, which will hopefully inspire you to spend your next Bavarian holiday in Reit im Winkl.

When asked about sights in Reit im Winkl, the best answer is: Reit im Winkl itself is a sight! It is the overall picture of old houses and farms, the balconies overflowing with geraniums and petunias in summer. Noticeably many churches and chapels and in between open meadow areas on which lazy cows graze in the sun and which are of particular importance for being an officially recognised climatic health resort.

The 10 districts of Reit im Winkl are the center, Birnbach, Blindau, Entfelden, Groissenbach, Illmau, Oberbichl, Seegatterl, Unterbichl and Winklmoos.

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Unmistakable in the town center: the parish church of St. Pankratius. First mentioned in 1393, built and consecrated in its current form in 1913.

Before we start our stroll, we take a look at the corner of the Hotel Unterwirt next to the parish church - there the "Schell Unter" is honored. It is the famous playing card with which Maximilian I Joseph, King of Bavaria, won Reit im Winkl for Bavaria. According to legend, at least ...

From here, turn a little round to the north and climb up along the Way of the Cross to the Eckkapelle chapel. From there you cross to the west past the waterfall to the Kriegerkapelle chapel. The barefoot park extends directly below.

View of the Reit im Winkl parish church
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"Stolperstein" in Weitseestraße

The Stolpersteine project commemorates victims of Nazi terror. Little brass plates with names and life dates are put in the ground and make you stumble, just as the name wants you to.

In front of the house at Weitseestraße 15, a "stumbling block" deserves our attention. Therese Mühlberger lived in this house. On November 7, 1940, at the age of 42, she was murdered by the Nazis in a gas chamber at Hartheim/ Linz.

The stumbling block in Weitseestraße has been a reminder of Therese Mühlberger since September 2020.

"Stolperstein" for Therese Mühlberger
© © Florian Weindl

We walk past the primary school and the outdoor swimming pool along Maria-Hellwig-Weg, past the Entfelden chapel to the tourist information office and on to the glacier field at Wimmerkreuz.

Heading further south we will pass the ski jumping hills, walk past the Blindau chapel toward Klausenbach gorge.

Ski jumping hill in Reit im Winkl
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Finally we turn north again, arrive at the Kronbichler Chapel, take a look at the golf course and the Hutzenalm, enjoy the view from the Wetterkreuz mountain and come back to the town center via the Protestant Little Mountain Church.

It's time to relax now, for example in one of the hammocks in the Kurpark gardens.

Protestant mountain church
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Town view spring sun
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The natural sights...

... can be found in the "Special Places" section. World-famous ones, such as the Winklmoos-Alm, but also much less known ones, such as the Klausenbach Gorge or many of the smaller alpine pastures.

Cow on the Winklmoos-Alm
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Winklmoos-Alm von oben
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Hausbach waterfall
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St. Anna's Chapel on the Hemmersuppenalm
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Steinplatte summit cross
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Dark Sky Park Winklmoos-Alm - Church and Milky Way
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Alphorn players
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Three countries point at Scheibelberg mountain
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View to Lake Weitsee from the Dürrfeldkreuz
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Lake Taubensee
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Kids playing by the Glacier Mill Field
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