Hikers on the Winklmoos-Alm
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Hiking bus

Reit im Winkl - Oberwössen - Unterwössen

The hiking bus takes you to 4 attractive hiking starting points in the Chiemgau Alps.

From there you can plan numerous individual round tours, tours to other stops of the hiking bus or tours back to your holiday destination.

What you need to know about the Reit im Winkl hiking bus

  • Free travel with the Reit im Winkl inklusiv Card
  • Operation together with the towns of Oberwössen and Unterwössen
  • The hiking bus runs from May to October 2024
  • For detailed tour planning, check out this website or grab the Reit im Winkl hiking map, available from the tourist information.
  • Please note the days of rest /shutdown of the alpine pastures and mountain inns.
  • The hiking bus does not run on public holidays.

Timetable hiking bus

Tuesdays - destination Streichenkirche


9:05 am: Unterwössen Altes Bad
9:13 am: Brem
9:15 am: Oberwössen Touristinfo
9:30 am: Reit im Winkl Tourist Info
9:40 am: Kössen Grenzlandhalle
10:00 am: Streichenkirche car park


3:55 pm: Kössen Grenzlandhalle
4:15 pm: Streichenkirche car park
4:35 pm: Unterwössen Altes Bad
4:43 pm: Brem
4:45 pm: Oberwössen Touristinfo
5:00 pm: Reit im Winkl Tourist Info

Thursdays - destination Winklmoos-Alm


9:05 am: Unterwössen Altes Bad
9:13 am: Brem
9:15 am: Oberwössen Tourist Info
9:30 am: Reit im Winkl Tourist Info
9:40 am: Seegatterl
9:50 am: Winklmoos-Alm


3:00 pm: Winklmoos-Alm
3:09 pm: Seegatterl
3:19 pm: Reit im Winkl Tourist Info
3:34 pm: Oberwössen Tourist Info
3:36 pm: Brem
3:44 pm: Unterwössen Altes Bad

Fridays - destination Lake Weitsee


9:05 am: Unterwössen Altes Bad
9:13 am: Brem
9:15 am: Oberwössen Tourist Info
9:30 am: Reit im Winkl Tourist Info
9:40 am: Seegatterl
9:45 am: Lake Weitsee / Röthelmoos
9:47 am: Lake Weitsee Badeplatz


4:00 pm: Lake Weitsee Badeplatz
4:02 pm: Lake Weitsee / Röthelmoos
4:05 pm: Seegatterl
4:15 pm: Reit im Winkl Tourist Info
4:30 pm: Oberwössen Tourist Info
4:32 pm: Brem
4:37 pm: Unterwössen Altes Bad

From the tour directory

Tours with the hiking bus

Dürrnbachhorn Summit Hike

difficult (hiking tour)
A breathtaking hike with a panoramic view of the Chiemgau and the Central Alps. Only recommended for hikers with a head for heights and…
  • 7.5 km
  • 624 Hm
  • 04:15 h
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From Streichenkirche church via Kroatensteig trail to lake Taubensee and Reit im Winkl

difficult (hiking tour)
From the Streichenkirche church via Kroatensteig trail to Reit im Winkl
  • 12.2 km
  • 602 Hm
  • 45:50 h
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Heutal valley - Staubfall waterfall - Gföller Mähder

intermediate (hiking tour)
A great hike at the foot of the Sonntagshorn mountain through meadows to the waterfall.
  • 18.4 km
  • 539 Hm
  • 06:15 h
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Muckklausen Loop

easy (hiking tour)
An easy hike with refreshment stops and breathtaking scenery
  • 6.2 km
  • 124 Hm
  • 02:00 h
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Finsterbachalm Loop

intermediate (hiking tour)
An easy hike that the whole family can do. Refreshments, great locations and phenomenal views included.
  • 5.2 km
  • 263 Hm
  • 02:15 h
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intermediate (hiking tour)
A moderately difficult hike with steep inclines. Historical peculiarities.
  • 10.6 km
  • 446 Hm
  • 03:45 h
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Hike and Swim from Reit im Winkl via Jochberg to lake Weitsee

easy (hiking tour)
Wonderful leisurely family tour with bathing facilities
  • 7.4 km
  • 252 Hm
  • 02:30 h
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Alpine Hike Oben ummi

intermediate (hiking tour)
“Oben ummi”, say the locals when they rave about the most extensive and most beautiful high-altitude hike in Reit im Winkl. Long day tour with great…
  • 16.9 km
  • 652 Hm
  • 06:00 h
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Streichen-Luftbodensteig-Wetterkreuz-Runde mit Wanderbus

intermediate (hiking tour)
Beautiful tour - take the hiking bus from Reit im Winkl to the Streichen car park!
  • 14.1 km
  • 895 Hm
  • 06:45 h
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Hiking in the Three Lakes Area

easy (hiking tour)
Leisurely hiking tour in the 3 Lakes area
  • 7.0 km
  • 132 Hm
  • 02:45 h
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Schmugglerweg to Kössen

intermediate (hiking tour)
Shady, easy path from Ettenhausen to Kössen
  • 6.3 km
  • 272 Hm
  • 02:00 h
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