Dark Sky Park Winklmoos-Alm - Church and Milky Way
© © Sebastian Voltmer

One of the most beautiful places to observe the starry sky is the Winklmoos-Alm. Officially, certified as an International Dark Sky Park, a star park.

Have you ever seen 5000 stars in the sky?

For comparison, around 500 stars can be seen in the night sky over Munich.

Lie down and relax on one of our neck-friendly star benches or take part in a guided tour that takes place regularly in summer.

You'll learn how to find constellations in the sky, about distances and speed in space, but also about light pollution and the importance of preserving places with natural darkness such as the Winklmoos-Alm.

Background Dark Sky Park Reit im Winkl

Dark Sky Parks offer extraordinary night landscapes and above all a particularly low level of light pollution. Due to the strong increase in artificial lighting, there are fewer and fewer naturally dark areas like this in Germany and Bavaria - and worldwide.

Dark Sky Parks preserve the natural darkness of such areas and protect them as valuable and cultural assets. The beauty of the starry sky is preserved, as is the habitat for many daytime and especially nocturnal animals.

The International Dark Sky Association IDA awards the title after extensive reviews and inspections.

The alpine farmers, hoteliers, residents, etc., who have come together as the Winklmoos Almgenossenschaft, supported the application. They retrofitted the buildings with lighting, thereby significantly reducing light pollution, so that the strict requirements of the IDA are met.

In 2018 the IDA awarded the title Dark Sky Park to the Winklmoos-Alm, the first Dark Sky Park in the Alps and the 4th officially recognized Dark Sky Park in Germany.

Gentian Flower

Natural sights

Alphorn players
©© Markus Schmuck

Barefoot park

Between via ferrata, water lily pond and Kriegerkapelle chapel

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Winklmoos-Alm von oben
©© erlebe.bayern - Dietmar Denger


Maybe the most famous alpine pasture in Germany

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Hiking trail through the Klausenbach gorge
©© Markus Schmuck


Hiking, abseiling, in awe with a wild river and mountain area

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St. Anna's Chapel on the Hemmersuppenalm
©© Stockklauser


Unspoilt nature, between Hindenburghütte and Fellhorn

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View to Lake Weitsee from the Dürrfeldkreuz
©© Kern

Three Lakes Area

Meet lakes Weitsee, Mittersee and Lödensee, the most beautiful lakes in the Chiemgau region

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Lake Taubensee
©© Stefanie Raab

Lake Taubensee

Hike to a lonely mountain lake close to Reit im Winkl

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On the Winklmoos-Alm
©© Stockklauser

Alpine pastures

The most beautiful alpine pastures and how to get there

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Hausbach waterfall
©© Stefanie Dehler

Hausbach Waterfall

Hiking trail, via ferrata, photo spot

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Steinplatte summit cross
©© Bergbahn Steinplatte Winklmoos-Alm

Summits and summit crosses

The most beautiful mountains all around Reit im Winkl

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Kids playing by the Glacier Mill Field
©© Schedl

Glacier Mill Field

Reminder of the last ice age - the glacier mill field at Wimmerkreuz

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Three countries point at Scheibelberg mountain
©© Florian Weindl

Three-countries-point at Scheibelberg

Where Bavaria meets Tyrol and Salzburg

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Entrance to Reit im Winkl
© © Kern

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