Reit im Winkl local brass band
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Discover authentic Bavarian traditions and culture, when you visit Reit im Winkl.

Traditional music, dances and theatre play an important part in everday life, no kitsch, no fake tourist entertainment.

It's the clubs and associations that preserve the traditions, contribute to day to day life in town, shape what it is to live in Reit im Winkl. Visitors are welcome to join, listen to the music, admire traditional clothing like "Dirndl & Lederhosen" and experience the culture of typical small-town Bavaria.

Of the more than 30 clubs and associations in Reit im Winkl, we would like to introduce you to a few that you are most likely to encounter during your holiday: the Folk Association (Trachtenverein), the Local Theater Association (Theaterverein), the Local Brass Band (Musikkapelle),the Alphorn Players (Alphornbläser) and the Maserer Pass that is dedicated to the pre-Christmas "Kramperl" tradition.

If you are looking for a typical holiday destination in Bavaria, with Bavarian traditions and customs, you will find what you are looking for at the events and performances of these clubs in Reit im Winkl.

For events taking place during your holidays in Reit im Winkl, check out the event calendar.

Traditional Evenings in Reit im Winkl

You can get to know music, singing, dancing and traditional clothing, for example, on our Traditional Evenings in the Festsaal.

The clubs involved keep the old customs and traditions alive. At Traditional Evenings and other occasions, they demonstrate their strong connection to their town and surrounding mountains and a feeling of togetherness.

You can find all events in the event calendar. Tickets with a seat reservation are available online, in advance at the Tourist Information office and at the box office.

Traditional night with music and dance
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Musikkapelle/ Local Brass Band

Brass music has a long tradition in Reit im Winkl. The Local Brass Band focus on local, classic and modern pieces and accompany town life through the seasons. Young musicians are always moving up and developing their talents.

There is a lot of rehearsal. Nowadays concerts mostly take place in the Festsaal or outdoors, on the stage of the Kurpark/ spa gardens.

Theaterverein/ Local Theater Association

More laughter, more comedies - life is serious enough! Safe the date, Thursday evenings are for laughing from the bottom of your heart!

The Reit im Winkl Theater Association specializes in comedies - stories full of special characters, with powerful wit, a good dose of farmer's cunning and direct Bavarian expression.

In the summer and winter seasons there is a performance every Thursday evening. There are three premieres every year. The actors speak the local Reit in the Winkl dialect, with some basic knowledge of German you should be fine though.

Folk Association/ Trachtenverein Dö Koasawinkla

The Folk Association Reit im Winkl was founded in 1901 - King Ludwig II had ordered to found these kind of clubs to preserve local traditions.

To this day, the Reit im Winkler Folk Association maintain these traditions, with precious clothing, dance and music, entertainment and local customs.

As guests, you have the opportunity to experience authentic Bavarian dance and music without any Hollywood kitsch at the Traditional Evenings and other events. Check out the event calendar!

Alphorn Players Reit im Winkl

Festive, widely audible sounds and always an eye-catcher: the Reit im Winkl Alphorn Players attract attention wherever they appear. The famous instruments of the Alps were once used for communication from alpine pasture to alpine pasture or from alpine pasture to the valley. Today the musicians delight with yodels and tunes from Bavaria and Switzerland.

Maserer Pass

Loved and feared at the same time: the "Kramperl" are terrifying companions of Santa Claus, who goes from house to house on December 5th, giving presents to good children and causing horrors to the naughty ones.

The Maserer Pass in Reit im Winkl is an association that wants to preserve the Christmas tradition of the Kramperl. Nikolaus, Angel and Kramperl come to visit at Christmas parties, join forces with other Kramperl Association in large "Krampus runs" and perform at local events such as Rauhnacht hikes.

In summer, the association organizes torch-lit hikes in the Klausenbach gorge, with barbecues around the campfire and lots of surprises.

"Kramperl" of the Maserer Pass
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Town view spring sun
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