Ski tour to Dürrnbachhorn summit

Ski tour

Expert tour with a great mountain panorama.

  • Starting point Seegatterl
  • Location Reit im Winkl
  • distance 15.0 kilometres
  • duration 03:30 hours
  • maximum altitude 1763 meters
  • minimum altitude 768 meters
  • altitude difference 1026 ascending
  • altitude difference 1027 descending
difficult difficulty

Tour description:

Starting point: From the Seegatterl touring car park you start in the direction of the Winklmoos-Alm cross-country ski run.

Cross the trail down towards Seegatterl to a large DAV alpine club information board. A narrow trail begins here, which leads uphill in the direction of Winklmoos-Alm. When there is little snow, the narrow path can be rough or difficult to walk on. In this case, it is advisable to follow the cross-country ski trail/ winter hiking trail for the first few kilometers in the direction of Winklmoos-Alm. This trail is a bit longer but easy to walk.

Both paths meet again shortly before a smooth rock face, a large information board of the DAV alpine club marks the further path. At the rise turn left steeply upwards. After this short steep section, the path continues flat to the Dürrnbachalmen. Here the view widens and the extensive summit slope of the Dürrnbachhorn peak becomes visible. At the information board of the DAV alpine club on the left of the highest alpine pasture, the path leads along the forest to the large summit slope.

In wide switchbacks, it goes up over the extensive area to the mountain station of the Dürrnbachhorn nostalgic chairlift. If there is enough snow, a climb to the summit of the Dürrnbachhorn is possible. Usually, however, it makes more sense to take a break in the area around the mountain station and ski down. From both points, the panorama is equally impressive and beautiful, from the summit you can even enjoy the view down to the three lakes area.

When you reach the highest point, the descent follows down to the Dürrnbachalmen and further left down to the Winklmoos-Alm. After the magnificent summit slope, turn left onto a forest path that leads to the valley station of the nostalgic railway and down to the Winklmoos Alm. In the Winklmoos ski area, there is a short ascent next to the rope lift to a small trail that branches off to the right. Following this trail leads to the ski run down to Seegatterl.

You can return to the touring car park via the ski car park. Alternatively, you can also descend via the ascent route. However, do not use the alpine path, but rather the rolled path back to the tour car park.

Refreshment stops: Seegatterlalm, restaurants Winklmoos-Alm

Note: in the Dürrnbachhorn area from the alpine pastures, pay attention to the alpine dangers. The nostalgic chairlift is operating in summer only.

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From the summit of the Dürrnbachhorn you have a wonderful and unforgettable panoramic view of the snow-covered alpine world of the Chiemgau, the Central Alps and the 3 lakes area with lake Weitsee, Lödensee and Mittersee.


Arrival by car

Coming from Munich or Salzburg on the Munich - Salzburg motorway (A8 to Grabenstätt exit no. 109), continue towards Marquartstein and on the well-developed German Alpine road (B305) to Reit im Winkl.

At the entrance to the village (Entfelden) in the direction of Ruhpolding approx. 5 km to the Seegatterl district. Parking: -Seegatterl, 83242 Reit im Winkl.

Coming from Munich or Innsbruck on the Rosenheim - Innsbruck motorway (A93) to Oberaudorf (exit 59). On to Walchsee, Kössen and Reit im Winkl. At the entrance to the village (Entfelden) in the direction of Ruhpolding approx. 5 km to the Seegatterl district. Parking: -Seegatterl 83242 Reit im Winkl.


Arrival by public transport

Connections to Reit im Winkl from the Prien am Chiemsee train station (best bus connection !!), stop directly at the tourist information office.

With the shuttle bus (RVO) from the tourist information center every half hour to Seegatterl.

Connections to Reit im Winkl from Ruhpolding train station with the RVO line 9506.

Stop: Seegatterl