Family in the barefoot park
© © Markus Schmuck

For many guests, the loveliest memory of their holiday in Reit im Winkl is to listen to the alphorn music in the barefoot park on a mild summer evening.

The barefoot park is located on Grünbühel, between the town center and the waterfall. There is a lot to see and discover: a water lily pond, a Kneipp basin and numerous original stations that do something good for the soles of your feet and thus the whole body.

The war memorial chapel (Kriegergedächtniskapelle) above the barefoot park offers a wonderful view of Reit im Winkl and the Chiemgau Alps. And the "little bench for lovers" is perhaps the very best place to listen to the evening sounds of the alphorn players.

Note:The Kneipp basin is currently being completely renewed, currently Kneipp options only in the Lofer river, lake Weitsee and many mountain streams.

The barefoot park in Reit im Winkl is a quiet place and yet a meeting point for many: some put on their equipment for the via ferrata here, others cool their legs in the Kneipp basin after a hike on the Kapellensteig. Some take photos of the water lilies on the pond, othersenjoy  the wide view from the forecourt of Kriegerkapelle chapel.

Barefoot course

The children always try out the stations of the barefoot course first. How do small pebbles, gnarled wood, soft moss or large boulders feel under your bare feet? What pokes, what is warm, what is cold, and which station do you prefer to walk through again?

When the children are having so much fun, it doesn't take long for the adults to take off their socks and shoes and join in. Muscular strength of the feet is required on round stones - as well as on the palisades and wooden stairs.

The scent of aromatic meadow herbs, conifers and wood fills your nose while your eyes glide over the town, which is surrounded by green, forested mountains. The contact of bare feet with the ground grounds all the senses and opens them at the same time, making them more receptive to scents, temperature differences and the variety of elements.

Evening sounds from the alphorn players

Open air alphorn music with pieces from Bavaria, Switzerland and the Allgäu: regularly on mild summer evenings everyone in Reit im Winkl stops to listen for a while. Except for the three alphorn players of course who enchant the place with their music!

Admission is free - find a seat in the barefoot park, close your eyes and open your ears! You can find all dates in the event calendar.

Gentian Flower

Natural sights

Winklmoos-Alm von oben
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Entrance to Reit im Winkl
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