Magical Hemmersuppenalm in winter
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Hemmersuppenalm is one of the very special places in Reit im Winkl in Chiemgau. At 1250 m there are trails for hiking and biking, winter hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Far away from everyday life and traffic, immerse yourself in the mountains of the Chiemgau Alps, just a few minutes by shuttle bus from the town center. With a view as far as lake Chiemsee, with music nights at the hut, a notorious natural toboggan run and several marmot families.

When the valley is covered in fog, the sun often shines on Hemmersuppenalm.

When snowdrops and crocuses are already blooming in the valley, the Hemmersuppenalm is still a “winter wonderland”.

And on long summer days in June and July, the shadows arrive very late up here and hikers plan tours of record lengths.

Hemmersuppenalm in summer

Between grazing cows and whistling marmots, between green alpine meadows, swampy corners, rocks and light mountain forest, (premium) hiking trails and MTB trails run through the vast area of the Hemmersuppenalm. Fellhorn, Straubinger Haus, Eggenalmkogel, Schuhmacherkreuz are popular destinations. At some point you will cross the border into Tyrol, perhaps without even realizing it. At the latest at Straubinger Haus and on the summit of the Fellhorn you can be sure that you have Austrian soil under your hiking boots!

From the tour directory

Tour ideas for summers on the Hemmersuppenalm

Premium hiking trail - Gletscherblick Alpin

intermediate (hiking tour)
Alpine flowers, mountain forests, petrified corals and a spectacular view of the eternal ice all come together on a varied circular route in the…
  • 12.7 km
  • 520 Hm
  • 05:30 h
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Premium hiking trail - Almgenuss

intermediate (hiking tour)
The path leads over gentle alpine meadows to the most beautiful vantage points in the Hemmersuppenalm hiking area. At the alpine huts and restaurants…
  • 7.3 km
  • 480 Hm
  • 03:30 h
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MTB 47 Hemmersuppenalm

easy (tour)
Visit to the idyllic plateau of the traditional Hermmersuppenalm.
  • 30.3 km
  • 640 Hm
  • 03:15 h
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Alpine Hike Oben ummi

intermediate (hiking tour)
“Oben ummi”, say the locals when they rave about the most extensive and most beautiful high-altitude hike in Reit im Winkl. Long day tour with great…
  • 16.9 km
  • 652 Hm
  • 06:00 h
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Loop trail Hemmersuppenalm

easy (hiking tour)
An easy hike with breathtaking scenes and refreshment stops.
  • 7.4 km
  • 263 Hm
  • 02:30 h
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From Seegatterl to Hemmersuppenalm

intermediate (hiking tour)
A leisurely medium-difficulty hike with a steady incline through a dense forest.
  • 13.7 km
  • 564 Hm
  • 04:55 h
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Footpath to Hemmersuppenalm

intermediate (hiking tour)
Hike to the Lower Hemmersuppenalm. From the Hindenburghütte restaurant you have a wonderful view over the alpine pastures and lake Chiemsee.
  • 7.0 km
  • 598 Hm
  • 03:00 h
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Footpath to Hemmersuppenalm from Blindau

intermediate (hiking tour)
Hike to the Lower Hemmersuppenalm. From the Hindenburghütte restaurant you have a wonderful view over the alpine pasture area.
  • 6.3 km
  • 570 Hm
  • 02:45 h
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Eggenalm via Weißenstein

difficult (hiking tour)
Great hike on beautiful paths and climbs. Wonderful panorama of the surrounding mountains of the Alps. Good physical condition required!
  • 13.6 km
  • 920 Hm
  • 05:40 h
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MTB 51 Straubinger Haus Loop

intermediate (tour)
Sporty tour with a view from the highest point. Please note the orientation text given in the description!
  • 33.1 km
  • 1050 Hm
  • 04:00 h
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Hemmersuppenalm in winter

Around the Hindenburghütte restaurant, the air is filled with the clatter of cutlery on dishes and the humming of the coffee machine. Just a few minutes away, the glittering snow muffles all sounds. The only thing you can hear is your shoes in the snow or the steady hiss of your cross-country skis.

The winter sun warms your face, the peace and quiet, the crisp air let you breathe deeply - that's why holidaymakers come to Reit im Winkl in winter.

The premium winter hiking trail Panorama on the Hemmersuppenalm is not cleared but rolled. You can hike comfortably on a firm snow pad, just pack a couple of granola bars and a thermos with tea.

Incidentally, the Panorama trail was the 1st premium winter hiking trail awarded by the German Hiking Institute!

For cross-country skiing there are both skating trails and classically groomed trails, over 30 km in total.

The natural toboggan run between Hindenburghütte and Blindau is over 4 km long and is one of the longest in Bavaria. The landlord of the Hindenburghütte hires out sleds and head torches.

Finally, our routes for guests with backcountry skis and snowshoes should be mentioned. They lead up to the Straubinger Haus, even though it is signposted it requires some experience with snowshoes or backcountry skis.

From the tour directory

Tour suggestions for winter on the Hemmersuppenalm

Premium trail "Panorama" Hemmersuppenalm | 6.5 km

easy (Winter hiking) Closed / not groomed
A leisurely, easy winter hike on a rolled path on the Hemmersuppenalm, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding snow-covered mountains.
  • 6.5 km
  • 150 Hm
  • 02:00 h
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Schusterwald snowshoe tour

intermediate (Snowshoeing)
On snow-covered paths to the Upper Hemmersuppenalm - like in a winter fairy tale.
  • 6.6 km
  • 550 Hm
  • 02:30 h
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Hindenburghütte-Fellhorn snowshoe tour

difficult (Snowshoeing)
Demanding snowshoe tour to a summit cross with a breathtaking view.
  • 10.7 km
  • 652 Hm
  • 03:30 h
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Ski tour Nattersbergalm - Hemmersuppenalm - Fellhorn

intermediate (Ski tour)
A great tour for experts. At first you ski through a densely overgrown forest. Pure nature.
  • 9.0 km
  • 1042 Hm
  • 02:30 h
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How do you get from Reit im Winkl to Hemmersuppenalm?

  • With the shuttle bus: Departure Tourist Info - stop at the Blindau car park - destination Hindenburghütte ( more information)
  • Hiking trails from Seegatterl or from Blindau
  • Snowshoe trails from Seegatterl or Blindau
  • the legendary hiking trail "Om Ummi" from the Winklmoos-Alm
  • with your mountainbike from Seegatterl or across Klausenberg

Refreshments at the Hemmersuppenalm

Opening times without guarantee!

Alpengasthof Hindenburghütte

Open today

Reit im Winkl

The Hindenburghütte on the Hemmersuppenalm: hut evenings, beer garden, hiking trails
Learn more

Straubinger Haus

Open today


Enjoy home made cakes and dishes with a great view to the Kaiser mountains at this alpine hut.
Learn more
©© Tobias


Closed today

Reit im Winkl

Do you long for a cool drink after your hiking tour? Visit the "Knogleralm" above Seegatterl.
Learn more
©© Tobias


Open today

Reit im Winkl

A popular spot for a break during hiking and biking tours: "Nattersbergalm".
Learn more

Sulzner Kaser

Open today

Reit im Winkl

Are you looking for a typical Bavarian mountain hut with beer and small dishes? Visit "Sulzner Kaser" on the Hemmersuppenalm.
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Highlights on Hemmersuppenalm

- tobogganing in the moonlight

- eerily beautiful "Rauhnacht" hikes during long, dark December nights

- the view - lake Chiemsee on one side, Großvenediger mountain on the other

- guided hikes in summer and winter, also with snowshoes

- devotions and mountain masses in the small St. Anna's chapel

- mountain boots rental from the LOWA test center

- typical Bavarian food: from simple snacks to a hearty night at the hut with dinner and live music

Gentian Flower

Natural sights

Alphorn players
©© Markus Schmuck

Barefoot park

Between via ferrata, water lily pond and Kriegerkapelle chapel

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Winklmoos-Alm von oben
©© - Dietmar Denger


Maybe the most famous alpine pasture in Germany

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Dark Sky Park Winklmoos-Alm - Church and Milky Way
©© Sebastian Voltmer

Dark Sky Park Winklmoos-Alm

1st Dark Sky Park in the Alps - in Reit im Winkl / Winklmoos-Alm

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View to Lake Weitsee from the Dürrfeldkreuz
©© Kern

Three Lakes Area

Meet lakes Weitsee, Mittersee and Lödensee, the most beautiful lakes in the Chiemgau region

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Hausbach waterfall
©© Stefanie Dehler

Hausbach Waterfall

Hiking trail, via ferrata, photo spot

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On the Winklmoos-Alm
©© Stockklauser

Alpine pastures

The most beautiful alpine pastures and how to get there

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Hiking trail through the Klausenbach gorge
©© Markus Schmuck


Hiking, abseiling, in awe with a wild river and mountain area

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Steinplatte summit cross
©© Bergbahn Steinplatte Winklmoos-Alm

Summits and summit crosses

The most beautiful mountains all around Reit im Winkl

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Lake Taubensee
©© Stefanie Raab

Lake Taubensee

Hike to a lonely mountain lake close to Reit im Winkl

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Three countries point at Scheibelberg mountain
©© Florian Weindl

Three-countries-point at Scheibelberg

Where Bavaria meets Tyrol and Salzburg

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Kids playing by the Glacier Mill Field
©© Schedl

Glacier Mill Field

Reminder of the last ice age - the glacier mill field at Wimmerkreuz

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Entrance to Reit im Winkl
© © Kern

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