Hausbach waterfall
© © Stefanie Dehler

The Reit im Winkl waterfall, the Hausbachfall, is a small landmark in town. The Hausbach river rushes down the Hausberg mountain in the north near the town center.

There are three places you can admire Hausbach waterfall from: :

  • When walking above the barefoot park, right by the chapel, Kriegerkapelle.
  • When hiking towards the Wetterkreuz mountain, a steep path leads up the gorge on the left side of the waterfall
  • On the Hausbachfall via ferrata (difficulty C/ D) on the right side of the gorge, which can be quite a challenge with ladders, step bars and rope bridge - depending on how much water is rushing down from the local mountain.

Especially after heavy rains, huge amounts of water shoot down the gorge. In hot, dry summers, on the other hand, the waterfall is sometimes barely noticeable.

The small bridge just behind the Kriegerkapelle chapel is a popular location for selfies and other souvenir photos. For many regular guests, a visit to the Hausbach waterfall is a “must-see” during their holiday.

If you really want to know...

The source of the Hausbach river is hidden somewhere around the Hausberg mountain, above Reit im Winkl in the area around the Wetterkreuz mountain.

After the waterfall, the river continues to flow through town, past the mini golf course for example. Shortly before the border to Austria, it flows into the Lofer river.

Even if it looks harmless, the Hausbach carries the risk of flooding. In order to prevent severe flodding, the municipality of Reit im Winkl has been investing in flood protection along the Hausbach river. You may come across construction sites when you visit Reit im Winkl. More information on flood protection is available from the municipality of Reit im Winkl.

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