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Latest updates

Due to Covid-19 there might be changes at events, opening hours etc at all times.

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Place name sign Reit im Winkl
© Markus Schmuck

How to get here & how to get around

The better you plan the route, the less stressful the journey to Reit im Winkl will be.

We have put together numerous options for you, how you can get around with e-cars and bicycles on site in Reit im Winkl, where there is a bus parking space and which buses take you to hiking or skiing activities.

Summer sun at the Weitsee
© Stockklauser

Local transportation in Reit im Winkl

Car parking, bus timetables, toll road, highway toll in Austria...

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Moor lake in Winklmoos
© Stockklauser

How to get to Reit im Winkl?

Get there by car, bus or train

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Mit dem Camper nach Reit im Winkl
© Rudi Schedl

Travelling by van and camper

Staying overnight in Reit im Winkl

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Entrance to Reit im Winkl
© Kern

Plan your holidays

Preparations for the best time of the year

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Mit der Familie nach Reit im Winkl
© Markus Schmuck

Planning and booking

First plan then travel

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Out and about on the German Alpine Road
© Deutsche Alpenstraße, Ralf Gerard

German Alpine Road

Taking the scenic route from Lake Constance to Lake Königssee

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Charging stations

Publicly accessible car charging stations in Reit im Winkl:

Parking lot at Festsaal, Tiroler Straße 33

Hotel Gut Steinbach, Steinbacherweg 10

Use is free of charge, but a parking ticket is required for the duration of the charging. The columns are Tesla and Type 2 compatible. Further charging points for e-cars in the area around Reit im Winkl:

Roadside Assistance and Auto Repair

Max Weiß, Alpenstraße 4, Tel +49 8640 8237

Peter Willers, Chiemseestraße 32, Tel +49 8640 1207

ADAC breakdown assistance: Tel +49 89 2020 4000

Bicycle repair

T&T Bike Sports, Dorfstraße 18, Tel. +49 8640 1243

E-Bike Inn, Tiroler Straße 3, Tel. +49 151 54629875

Radsport Kleinschroth, Brunnenstraße 12, Tel. +49 8640 24000

Travelling by coach to Reit im Winkl

Parking for coaches

Weitseestraße car park, just a few minutes' walk from the town center

Up to 3 hours with parking disc free of charge, 5 € after that


Drive to Winklmoos-Alm by coach

Winklmoos-Straße is a toll road and narrow and steep in places. Vehicles over 7.5 t and coaches are therefore asked to observe certain arrival and departure times. Download times here