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Due to Covid-19 there might be changes at events, opening hours etc at all times.

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With the mountain bike on the Dürrfeldkreuz
© Kern

Uphill, downhill, to the summit, to the lake - everyone who loves riding a mountainbike will find 530 km of signposted MTB routes around Reit im Winkl.

Please note: Some of our bike tours run in the border area of Salzburg and Tyrol and are signposted by the tourism associations responsible there. After crossing the border, please use their signs for orientation. We recommend using a navigation device (e.g. mobile phone, GPX device) for these tours. Carefully plan your tour before you start.

Use the information material from the Tourist Information Office to plan your tours over trails and forest paths, with steep inclines and never-ending descents.

With a printed map and digital tour information, we will take you to cozy alpine huts, refreshing lakes and secluded picnic areas.

With the MTB on the way in Reit im Winkl
© Markus Schmuck

Initiative Fair Bike - "Together hand in hand"

The mountains are there for everyone, regardless of whether they are hiking, geocaching, working there, looking for mushrooms or just out and about on an (e-) mountain bike. Consideration and respect are required, for people and also for nature.

Throughout Upper Bavaria, 3 x 5 rules promote friendly, respectful and sustainable behavior.

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Bike tour in Reit im Winkl
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Holidays with your bicycle

Bike rental, types of bicycles etc

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Vacation by bike in Reit im Wink
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E-bike holidays

Charging options and much more

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