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Premium hiking trail Gletscherblick Alpin
© Eisele-Hein

Special hiking trails in Bavaria and other hiking regions are certified as "premium hiking trails" by the German Hiking Institute.

For hikes around Reit im Winkl, we recommend our five certified premium summer trails.

We've also created two award-winning winter hiking trails for winter. Premium hiking trails stand out from other trails in that they are particularly varied, well signposted and marked and always head for special vantage points and /or refreshment stops.

From the tour directory

The 5 premium hiking trails in Reit im Winkl

©© Foto Stockklauser

Premium hiking trail Kapellensteig

intermediate (hiking tour)
A hike for the whole family with great views, culture and many chapels along the way.
  • 6.2 km
  • 363 Hm
  • 02:40 h
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©© Foto Stockklauser

Premium hiking trail - Chiemseeblick alpin

difficult (hiking tour)
A very special tour. An unforgettable view of the Reit im Winkl valley and the surrounding mountains.
  • 12.4 km
  • 820 Hm
  • 06:00 h
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©© Benno Stockklauser

Premium hiking trail - Almgenuss

intermediate (hiking tour)
Premium hike awarded by the German Hiking Institute! The view of the surrounding mountains and lake Chiemsee cannot be beat.
  • 7.1 km
  • 480 Hm
  • 03:30 h
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©© Hannes Heigenhauser Mount Inspire Photographie

Premium hiking trail - Gletscherblick Alpin

difficult (hiking tour)
One of the most beautiful tours from Reit im Winkl with impressive mountain panoramas and a wonderful alpine flora. Ascent of the Fellhorn summit is…
  • 12.7 km
  • 520 Hm
  • 05:30 h
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©© Foto Stockklauser

Premium hiking trail Klausenbach gorge

intermediate (hiking tour)
Premium path close to the valley over a high moor, two alpine pastures, through the floodplain forests of the Lofer and the Klausenbachklamm gorge to…
  • 9.8 km
  • 295 Hm
  • 03:15 h
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»Life alone is not enough, said the butterfly, sunshine, freedom and a small flower are also a must.«

Hans Christian Andersen

If you really want to know...

The most beautiful hiking trails in Reit im Winkl are so-called "premium hiking trails", which have been awarded the "German Hiking Seal" by the German Hiking Institute for their natural beauty, breathtaking views and the nature of the hiking trails. The German Hiking Institute guarantees with the seal a "balanced, beautiful hiking experience".

A comprehensive catalogue of criteria is used to check and evaluate the quality of a hiking trail quantitatively.

  • Is the surface earthy and grassy or gravel and tarred?
  • Does the path run next to roads?
  • Is the path marked in a user-friendly way?
  • Are there benches and rest areas? Are the signs well maintained?
  • Are the path and the landscape varied?

You can find detailed information on the criteria for the German Hiking Seal on the website of the German Hiking Institute.

Deutsches Wandersiegel
© Deutsches Wanderinstitut

Film: Hiking on the Kapellensteig Premium Trail

Kriegerkapelle chapel in Reit im Winkl
© Eisele-Hein

Hiking in Reit im Winkl

Hiking to summits and Alpine pastures, to lakes and splendid view points. Premium Trails, hiking bus, tour diary...

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Guided hike with a guide
© Chiemgau Tourismus e.V.

Guided hikes

Walks and hikes with local guides (German speaking only)

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Flower meadow hike
© Eisele-Hein

All hiking tours in Reit im Winkl

Apply search filters and find your perfect hike in Reit im Winkl

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Steinplatte summit cross
© Bergbahn Steinplatte Winklmoos-Alm

Summits and summit crosses

The most beautiful mountains all around Reit im Winkl

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Indian Summer at Lake Weitsee
© Stockklauser

Hiking bus

Free bus to the trailheads

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Blick über Reit im Winkl
© Stefanie Dehler

Trip Report

Premium Hiking Trail Kapellensteig

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Premium winter hiking trail on the Hemmersuppenalm
© Eisele-Hein

Winter hiking

Winter magic, gently and unhurriedly

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