Triassic Park Steinplatte Waidring

"Alive" dinosaurs and water fun - adventures between nature and augmented reality in the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte

Thanks to augmented reality, young and remained young dinosaur fans can look forward to one of the most spectacular dinosaur adventure worlds of our time at Triassic Park on the Steinplatte! The prehistoric creatures that once populated our planet are brought to life via smartphone! Visitors of all ages can experience the giants of the past up close and in all their magnificence. A pure "prehistoric feeling" is guaranteed!

After the interactive dinosaur adventures, it's time for a dip in the cool water on hot summer days! Numerous water features and Kneipp basins invite you to splash around and cool off! And if you want to dive even deeper into the world of Triassic times, the Triassic Trail is just the thing for you. Thanks to its history as the only dry reef in Europe, the Steinplatte offers a breathtaking natural experience. Those who embark on the Triassic Trail can discover fossilised corals, ammonites and other fossils.

Even in bad weather, there is plenty to marvel at in the Triassic Centre and the stalactite cave! Here, explorers of all ages can discover the fascinating creatures that were once the undisputed inhabitants of our planet. And if you want to aim high, there is a viewing platform, a via ferrata, numerous climbing routes and several mountain bike tours on the Steinplatte in the Tyrol-Salzburg-Bavaria border triangle. So hop on the gondola - up into prehistoric times!

Opening hours:

18 May until 6 October 2024

Daily throughout from 9:00 to 16.45

Suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs

Admission to the Triassic Park is free, including great children's events and varied children's entertainment.

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