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Flugsaurier auf der Steinplatte
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Triassic Park Steinplatte

Go on a prehistoric journey

In the interactive leisure park Triassic Park on the Steinplatte in Waidring

You could travel back to a time before our time. In a time when you don't hear about Corona all the time, but only nature, mountains and the roar of many primeval creatures. It does not work?

Go then! In the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte Waidring! There big and small dinosaur-like fun awaits at 1,700 m above sea level - dinosaurs, corals, ammonites and the primeval sea right in the 3-country corner Tyrol-Salzburg-Bavaria. Are you ready for an exciting adventure journey into the past?

The Steinplatte in Waidring has been around for over 200 million years. That's why it won't let the Corona crisis bother her and will be there for her large and small guests as usual in 2021. As a popular skiing and hiking area between Salzburg, Tyrol and Bavaria, the Steinplatte attracts with sporty highlights for nature lovers. It is hard to believe that the ancient sea of Tethys was located there millions of years ago and that prehistoric giant reptiles had fun. If you want to immerse yourself in these bygone times, the Triassic Park is the right place for you. The interactive amusement park brings history to life like never before. Just get into the time capsule, er, underwater gondola and ... get off in the alpine area.

Outdoor fun and a really cool trail

How did the Trias get its name? What actually is karst? And what do fossilized corals look like up close? Of course you could just google the answers, but the “Triassic Trail” is much more exciting with its stations and viewpoints, all the tricky puzzles and the huge prehistoric reef. A dinosaur-strong, instructive circular hiking trail for the whole family (approx. 4 km, 210 meters in altitude). But that's not all: In the “Minimeer”, the 30 m long dinosaur tube slide is waiting to be discovered. And on "Triassic Beach" - the highest sandy beach in the Alps - many a treasure is buried. The low ropes course with its obstacle course provides additional fun, and the 70 m high, coral-shaped viewing platform also gives you goose bumps.

Sunny prospects - whatever the weather

What to do when it rains, quite simple: head into the "Triassic Center" and soak up the ABC of geological history. State-of-the-art multimedia technology and life-size dinosaurs transform complex facts into easily digestible bits of knowledge - regardless of the weather. As the latest attraction, a stalactite cave takes you into the depths of prehistoric times. By the way: real dinosaur fans can experience all of this at a real dinosaur birthday party! All information on

Back to modern times

The Steinplatte Waidring has not only been offering prehistoric hunters for 200 million years, but also alpine adventure collectors such as mountain enthusiasts, mountain bikers, hut enthusiasts and of course via ferrata fans and alpine climbers. With its varied hiking trails, climbing routes, bike trails and the omnipresent dream panorama, the mountain range at 1,869 m guarantees excellent modern pleasure.

Well then: let's get up to Steinplatte mountain and make primeval times your own time!

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