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Nordic & Biathlon Park

The Nordic & Biathlon Park Reit im Winkl is a play, training and practice area for all cross-country skiers. Both children and adults who want to learn a new sport, as well as experienced athletes who want to practice and perfect certain movements and certain processes, train here.

The Nordic & Biathlon Park in the immediate vicinity of the cross-country stadium also includes the children's trail and the biathlon shooting facility.

An 8-meter-long snow tunnel, a half pipe, a kicker, bumps and children's foam figures offer more fun during cross-country training. The hill in the Nordic & Biathlon Park is particularly important for practicing downhill and braking.

Advantages of the Nordic & Biathlon Park Reit im Winkl

Practicing braking on the official trails is often associated with danger, other cross-country skiers may feel disturbed, while in the Nordic & Biathlon Park learning is more fun.

The floodlights are switched on several times a week in the cross-country stadium and in the Nordic & Biathlon Park Reit im Winkl, so that training is also possible in the evening.

The advantage of the Nordic & Biathlon Park, especially for families with children: it is located in the immediate vicinity of the toboggan hill in the cross-country stadium, the Kaiserblick premium winter hiking trail, the parking spaces at the Festsaal and the local sports shops. They rent out cross-country equipment for adults and children.

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Nordic- & Biathlonpark
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