Lake Kloster See - nature reserve Seeoner Seen

The "Seeoner Seen" nature reserve has been a nature reserve since 1985. After the end of the Ice Age, an almost impenetrable wilderness with swamps, moors and swamp forests stretched around the Seeoner Seen lakes for a long time. In the year 994 the Seeon monastery was founded at this place by the Count Palatine Aribo and handed over to the monks of the Benedictine order and until its secularization in 1803 it was a vibrant center of the order between Salzburg, Freising and Augsburg.

The Seeon lakes with the Seeon monastery and Seeon village are now a popular destination - surrounded by lakes that are close to nature (swimming opportunities in the Seeon lido), dead ice holes and moraine walls. The special feature of the chain of lakes is that they have no surface water tributaries. The lakes are fed exclusively by groundwater and rainwater, which is also released underground to the neighboring watercourses. This milieu at the Seeoner Seen favors the development of moors, wetlands and silted-up areas with a large variety of species. Walks and hikes are possible on designated paths.

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