Kids' hiking trail Spruce Castle
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The stations of the kids' hiking trail

date: 26.08.2022
from: Stefanie Dehler

15 years of the kids' hiking trail in Reit im Winkl! At the 2023 anniversary, we are celebrating that the hiking trail has established itself as a holiday highlight for families with children in Reit im Winkl.

»Get out into nature. Into the adventure!«

Even if the official name says "Pram and play trail" - the hiking trail is interesting for all 2 to 8 year old children. The path itself is well suited for prams with large wheels - you don't have to dodge any roots or stones, you hike along it very flatly with only very few ascents or descents.

The path is also ideal for children who don't want to hike at all: the play stations are in the foreground and you can only get to them on foot. By the way, the path is also easy to ride with bicycles.

Our article can be seen as a preparation for parents - what to pack, what is most interesting for which child, where to plan a picnic and how much time do you want to spend on the trail in total? Be careful: those who plan everything beforehand will no longer be surprised. That is why we do not describe all stations in this article.

The official starting point of the trail is at the Festsaal, here you will find the small signposts for the blue and red variants. But of course you can also start at other points, for example if your holiday accommodation is in the districts of Blindau or Entfelden. On the one hand, we have signposted a short variant, marked in blue, 1.8 km long. The long variant on the other hand is 5.2 km long and marked in red.

Kids' hiking trail adventure bridge
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Stations of the kids' hiking trail

You can hike the kids' hiking trail in both directions. There is a long and a short loop, the nature of the path is suitable for prams with large wheels and also for bicycles.

You will encounter 19 stations along the way if you complete the entire tour. Some stations encourage jumping, romping and climbing, at other stations the children come to rest, look at the little secrets of nature and let their imagination run wild while telling stories.

We present a selection of the stations briefly and compactly here.

Station "climbing tree"

The epitome of playing in nature is climbing trees.

How lucky that you have so much time during your summer holidays. Time to climb, but also time to sit down at the picnic table with a book or newspaper and let the kids climb to their heart's content.

Kids' hiking trail Climbing Tree
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Station "By the river"

It's time to take off your hiking boots. The river is called Lofer and is very flat here, great for playing. A towel belongs in your luggage so that the hike can continue with dry feet. Maybe even a spare T-shirt, then the water fight can be a little wilder.

Incidentally, here on the river you also have a great view of the Kaiser Mountains and lots of colorful paragliders in the sky.

Kids' hiking trail river
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Station "stone path"

Is this the path of a giant? It is reminiscent of the stone-hopping path in the barefoot park, but here it is much more difficult and strenuous. Those who have long legs have an advantage.

But everyone agrees: jumping makes you happy!

Kids' hiking trail stone path
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Station "Lofer beach"

The Lofer beach station is probably the best place for an extensive picnic. Although it is questionable whether curious children come to eat at all, there is so much to discover. The “Waldschnecken” during the weekly kids programme left colourful, painted stones, someone apparently tried to build a sandcastle.

kids' hiking trail Lofer river
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»Everywhere is wonderland, everywhere is life.«

Joachim Ringelnatz

Station "pixies"

Open your eyes - the pixies are not that easy to spot. Where are they trying to lure us? Send with tricks in a dead end? Will the children make up a giggling story about the one in the yellow cap today? Or is the creative storytelling art of the parents called for again?

Kids' hiking trail pixy
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Station "meet the witch"

Creepy? Not really... Brave children look deep into the witch's eyes and realize that she can tell the funniest stories ever. She knows the forest best, will she also reveal its secrets?

Kinderwagen- und Spieleweg witch
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Station "watch tower"

For many children This is the best station on the kids' hiking trail... because the adults are far too big to be able to climb this lookout tower. Although it was a holiday in the mountains that the family booked - climbing the watch tower feels a bit like being at the sea. Bells tinkle from somewhere, with a little imagination they become the Titanic's emergency bells.

kids' hiking trail watch tower
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Station "Adventure bridge"

How exciting! Or not? A suspension bridge without real railings... you can do crazy things that would never be allowed on a real suspension bridge. The very little ones practice being courageous here. In the children's imagination, the bridge leads over a deep gorge - and the parents sit relaxed next to it.

Kids' hiking trail adventure bridge
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