Geigelstein - summit hike

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Mountain round trip - Ettenhausen, parking lot-Geigelstein - Wuhrstein-Alm - Geigelstein summit (1808 m) - Haidenholz-Alm - Ettenhausen.

  • Starting point Ettenhausen, Geigelstein car park
  • Location Schleching
  • distance 15.0 kilometres
  • duration 06:45 hours
  • maximum altitude 1808 meters
  • minimum altitude 640 meters
  • altitude difference 1231 ascending
  • altitude difference 1198 descending
difficult difficulty

Tour description:

Refreshments : Berggasthof Wuhrstein-Alm, Priener Hütte, Roß-Alm (*), Haidenholz-Alm

(*) typical alpine snack during the alpine pasture season.

Achental hiking pin checkpoints : Wuhrstein-Alm, Geigelstein, Haidenholz-Alm, Blasi-Alm Special features: Diverse flora and fauna (Geigelstein nature reserve), Roß-Alm, one of the highest alpine pastures in Germany Geigelstein - second highest mountain in Chiemgau

Description : From the Geigelstein car park in Ettenhausen, a forest path leads to the Wuhrstein-Alm mountain inn (1 1/4 hours) and on through the beautiful Wuhrstein-Alm area in large serpentines to the Wirts-Alm (1,421 m - 2 hours). The forest road ends here and a path (turn off to the right after 100m) always leads in the direction of Geigelstein to a saddle. From here it goes through the mountain pine-covered southern slope of the Geigelstein in serpentines to the summit (3 1/2 hours + breaks). The panoramic view from the summit is tremendous, the rest on the summit is a pleasure. The descent goes in a northerly direction to the Geigelsteinsattel and over an alpine plateau to the 1,700 m high Roß-Alm. Alternatively, you can descend from the Geigelsteinsattel to the Priener Hütte and return via the Karlscharte. From the Roß-Alm the path goes downhill to the Haidenholz-Alm. Even within the mountain pines, a path branches off to the Weitlahnerkopf (short detour possible). From the Haidenholz-Alm you can always take the forest road towards Ettenhausen to the starting point, or you can take a path that branches off to the left about 800 m below towards Schleching. With this variant you have two options to get into the valley, because the path branches off at the Achental hiking pin control point Blasi-Alm. The path on the right leads back over a forest road to the Geigelstein car park. Straight on in the direction of Schleching, you reach the valley west above Schleching and can turn right back to the starting point.

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