The Frillensee is the coldest lake in Germany at this altitude and often has a stable ice cover in November. The lake and its surroundings are under landscape protection, as there is a raised moor with a diverse flora on the north bank.

The ice does not freeze over from the edge of the surface, as usual, but from the center.

The lake can only be reached on foot from the car park at the Adlgass forester's lodge. From here you have to walk about 45 minutes. You have to bring your own drinks and food as there are no places to stop for a break.

  • Location: Inzell
  • Bathing places: no bathing lake
  • Special features: coldest lake in Germany, glacial lake (created by the melting of the glacier from the last ice age)
  • Size and depth: 4.30 hectares and 7.50 m

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