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Experience unforgettable group experiences with SAYAQ Teamtraining und Events.

With our individually designed team trainings and the flexible event modules, we turn every experience into a personal highlight.

Our experiences connect

Dare the challenge and experience one of the most beautiful moments of your life.

What remains is a smile on your face and the memory of an unforgettable adventure.


Team training

On an adventure tour, building a cable car, building a raft, building a teepee village or a GPS team rally - solving tasks together in a team releases undreamt-of dynamics and awakens new strength.

Develop the potential of your team - to win together. Success is not a matter of coincidence!

Bookable from 10 people.

Forest experience tour

Experience the forest for young and old! A river crossing with a flying fox, abseiling from a rock and much more. Rediscover the forest. With the right mix of fun and action, you will experience your own forest adventure with us.

Bookable from 10 people.

Mountain cart tour

Discover the racing driver in you! It goes up the mountain in a sporty or comfortable way. If you want, you can also stop off comfortably at the alpine pasture. Then we start our fast-paced adventure. Past alpine pastures, meadows and through forests, drifting through steep curves - the somewhat different tobogganing experience in summer.

Bookable from 8 people.

Riverbug tour

Ride the waves with flippers on your hands and feet, feel the rapids or let yourself be carried away - a refreshing experience in a beautiful mountain landscape. Discover the Tiroler Ache with us in a very special way.

Bookable from 6 people.

Canyoning tour

Explore the interesting gorge with us. Climbing, abseiling in the waterfall, sliding and jumping - we overcome every natural obstacle. A wet treat with lots of thrills and fun.

Bookable from 6 people.


Via ferrata tour

Experience the pleasure via ferrata with us! After a short ascent, we reach the via ferrata that we helped build. The trail leads past steep rocks, over suspension bridges and biotope areas through the gorge of the Hausbach Falls. Enjoy the breathtaking view and surpass yourself.

Bookable from 4 people.


Tensing and loosening the tendon, sighting and aiming at the same time demands technique, strength and concentration and at the same time awakens primal instincts. Sharpen your senses and enjoy the magic of the moment in nature.

Bookable from 10 people.


Team Trophy

The perfect mix of fun, competition + shared experience. The Bavarian competition demands the skills of everyone in a wide variety of disciplines, such as beer mug lifting, nailing, giant skiing, etc. Despite the competitive nature, fun is the top priority.

Bookable from 10 people.

Torchlight hike

A nice end to an eventful day. In the light of the torches, the otherwise impressive area appears even more rustic. The dark mountain world also has something mystical about it, just like abseiling in the light of torches, straight into a ravine.

Bookable from 10 people.

Climbing tower

The mobile climbing tower is a special highlight at events, conferences, celebrations, street festivals, trade fairs and all other events. The tower measures 7 meters and thanks to its structure it feels as if the climber is right on the natural rock. An unforgettable climbing experience for young and old.


Slowing down is a special way of leaving the stress and hectic pace of everyday life behind.

We show you the beauty of nature and make easy as well as demanding hikes and tours. Look forward to discovering and experiencing a unique winter landscape together - under professional guidance.

Bookable from 8 people.

School classes / children and youth groups

An extraordinary group day! Overcoming obstacles in a team and solving problems creates a bond. We offer you playful opportunities to experience new adventures, to strengthen the cohesion of the group and at the same time to strengthen the confidence in your own abilities.


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