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Hochplatte - summit hike

hiking tour

Summit hike: Mühlau - Ramsental - Ramsensteig - Hochplatte summit - Oberauerbrunst-Alm - Mühlau Refreshment stops: Oberauerbrunst-Alm

  • Starting point Mühlau, Dalsenalm car park
  • location Schleching
  • distance 11.2 kilometres
  • duration 05:00 hours
  • maximum altitude 1587 meters
  • minimum altitude 626 meters
  • altitude difference 1167 ascending
  • altitude difference 999 descending
difficult difficulty

Tour description:

From the Dalsen car park in Mühlau, take the fort road in the direction of Dalsenalm steeply uphill until, after about 1 km, a forest road branches off to the right into the Ramsental. This is steep uphill until the Ramsensteig begins at a sharp right-hand bend on the left. After a few switchbacks, the path leads into another path, which you follow to the left until you come out of the forest and soon come to a forest path, which you follow to the right until a sign on the right indicates the high plateau. Another steep ascent and the summit is reached and the view of the Chiemsee, the Wilder Kaiser etc. can be enjoyed. The descent goes back along the ascent path to the point where the Ramsensteig comes up. Continue straight ahead in the direction of Oberauerbrunst until after approx. 45 minutes the junction to Oberauerbrunst is on the right. Steep downhill over the alpine pasture area to the hut. Here on weekends there is typical mountain food. The descent to Mühlau is then still manageable.

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