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Kloster Frauenwörth
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Fraueninsel island

Fraueninsel island is known for its wonderful scenic uniqueness, its hospitality and its smoked fish specialties.

Like Herreninsel, the island can be reached all year round with the Chiemsee shipping line, mainly in just 10 minutes from Gstadt and 30 minutes from Prien.

The Frauenwörth monastery in particular shapes the character of the Fraueninsel and is visited by many visitors every day.

The name "Fraueninsel" derives from the oldest nunnery in Germany, which was founded in 782 by the Bavarian Duke Tassilo III. A community of Benedictine nuns still live in the monastery today.

The symbol of the Fraueninsel is the free-standing campanile, the Carolingian gate hall, the oldest building in southern Germany.

A lot of concerts and art exhibitions can also be visited on the island.

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