Autumn holidays in Reit im Winkl
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7 good reasons for an autumn holiday in Reit im Winkl

date: 01.09.2021
from: Norbert Eisele-Hein

Dewdrops shimmer like silver along cobwebs. Bright red apples let the branches sag. Crystal clear air ensures an overwhelming view. In the golden autumn, Reit im Winkl shines in splendid colors and offers holidaymakers a wonderful range of activities.

1. Autumn reveals an unbelievable wealth of colors in the three lakes area.

In autumn the mixed forests around Reit im Winkl shine like in the "Indian Summer" of the Rocky Mountains.

The forests around the Three Lakes Area of lakes Weitsee, Mittersee and Lödensee become enchantingly colorful as soon as the morning mist clears and the enchanted mood gives way to a crisp and clear atmosphere. In autumn, the bathing temperatures in the mountain lakes are something only for the toughest, but the colourful forest landscape can be enjoyed without any hustle and bustle.

In Canada or the USA, such an overwhelming color palette is called “Indian Summer”. And so much in advance: The Chiemgau Alps can easily compete with the blaze of color in the Rocky Mountains.

The squeaky yellow to copper-red deciduous trees were reflected perfectly in the calm surface of lake Weitsee just minutes ago. Only a big pike jumping out of the water on the hunt for food can melt the razor-sharp reflection into autumnal impressionism.

2. Hikes in crystal clear air and overwhelming views

Hiking trails leads from the world-famous Winklmoos-Alm to the 1,776 meter high Dürrnbachhorn summit. In autumn you should already think of a weatherproof windbreaker, but there is hardly anything going on on the wonderful path. The view at the top of the summit extends through the crystal clear air to the Berchtesgaden Alps, the Salzburg region and Tyrol. A view to indulge in. The peaks of Watzmann, Hochkalter and the monumental Loferer Steinberge complete the high alpine panorama.

Days with the notorious "inversion weather" will be particularly remembered. The valley is covered in fog, and it may be difficult to start hiking in the morning in all the grayness. But at some point our hiking trail breaks through the fog and the reward for going is overwhelming. The sun warms the face, the neighbouring peaks protrude from the sea of fog like small islands.

A quick thought applies to everyone who stayed behind in the valley, then we grab the thermos and toast the beauty of the autumn holiday in Reit im Winkl with hot tea.

3. Rain? Puddle jumping!

It cannot be glossed over, on some autumn days you don't even want to leave the cozy hotel bed or the couch in the holiday apartment.

Before you're getting too bored, we recommend putting on rubber boots and having a puddle jumping competition on a short walk, for example on the "Kinderwagen- und Spieleweg trail". Afterwards you deserve a huge portion of Kaiserschmarrn in one of the restaurants.

The head comes to rest when you just watch the raindrops on the window pane. And to be honest - when was the last time you spent a whole day reading a book? Cover to cover, chapter by chapter, down to the last page of that thriller? This is definitely a way to enjoy an autumn holiday in Reit im Winkl!

Autumn vacation in Reit im Winkl
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4. An autumn holiday in Reit im Winkl offers mountain bikers lonely trails through a colossal arena for epic soul biking.

The rainy phases are usually short, after lazing around, lets go mountain biking.

From the district of Blindau we crank over Weißenstein on epic serpentines up to the Eggenalm. Our lungs greedily suck in the scent of firs and meadow herbs. The Almrausch flowers, which only gradually fade in autumn, mark the tree line. The steep ramp is tough. At the Straubinger Haus we immediately treat ourselves to a large apple spritzer. The view from the terrace towards Tyrol in the Hohe Tauern range makes us whistle through our teeth in awe.

The glacier of the Großvenediger and the completely assembled Zillertal Alps shine above the numerous barns. In front of it, the Kitzbüheler Horn rises into the bright blue sky - already sugared with fresh snow. From here, the heavily indented Wilder Kaiser looks like a monolith. The green Chiemgau Alps, on the other hand, seem gentle and lovely.

The dampers fidget hard on the downhill to the Hemmersuppenalm and the Hindenburghütte, where the scent of freshly sawn wood is accompanied by a beguiling note of apple strudel. And in autumn the view from the beer garden extends over the picturesque Chiemgau even to lake Chiemsee, which glitters down on the plain.

5. Dream tour for hikers and trail runners in autumn: the Wetterkreuz

This delicacy for mountain runners starts right behind the Church of St Pankratius. A sandy trail, repeatedly interspersed with steps, leads vis-a-vis the Hausbachfall via ferrata, the first TÜV-certified via ferrata in Germany, with a powerful pulse-pumping uphill.

Via ferrata climbers hang on the ropes to the right of the waterfall and struggle on ladders and steps over the bulging rock. To the left of it our soles crunch over small pebbles.

The exemplary signposted path through the shady, splendidly colored mixed forest leads us to the 1,061 meter high Wetterkreuz summit. The view to the south over the town, the Chiemgau and Kitzbühel Alps, is often gigantic, cloudless and clear in autumn.

We trot on on the premium hiking trail Alpin Chiemseeblick. After just a few turns of the road, it becomes clear what premium means. The beautiful trail does not saw through the panorama, but rather reveals it very carefully.

Autumn means farewell to alpine life, also for the four-legged friends
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6. Autumn holidays in Reit im Winkl: watch a traditional cattle drive

During an autumn holiday in Reit im Winkl, a trip to an alpine pasture drive in the area is an experience that will be particularly remembered. The tradition of the cattle drive lives mainly in Tyrol, less so in the Chiemgau region, and so the Austrian neighbouring towns are popular destinations in autumn.

When the alpine summer has passed without any serious accidents for people or animals, the alpine farmers organize a splendid cattle drive. The “Almerer” and their family members then select their most beautiful traditional costumes from their wardrobe.

Even the cows are festively dressed up. Fir branches are artfully bent into crowns and decorated with wreaths of flowers. The young cattle are sent to the cattle drive with "Latschn-Boschen", decorated branches of mountain pine. After the animals are back in the barn, the successful alpine summer is celebrated with music and dance.

7. Culinary delicacies on your autumn holiday in Reit im Winkl

The harvest has come in, the store rooms are full. Pumpkins are sold at street stalls along the main routes. Many locals around Reit im Winkl collect mushrooms at secret spots in the woods.

So from now on there are delicious mushroom dishes in all restaurants and also in the rustic huts, such as bread dumplings with fresh chanterelles or roast in mushroom sauce. The pumpkin is processed in all sorts of variants, the classic is sure to be the pumpkin soup. Ideally with a little ginger, cream and a pinch of freshly ground pepper. Truthfully unforgettable after a long hike or bike ride.

As part of the "alpine weeks", there is an autumn market for local farmers in some years. They sell their delicacies in the town center, there is music playing, a rich harvest is a reason to be happy and to celebrate.

A typical sight in autumn: the pumpkin harvest
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