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Snowshoe Hiking

Snowshoeing is discovering nature in its purest form. It is the solitude of a freshly snow-covered winter forest. It is the way you draw the first tracks through the virgin snow ...

Hiking with snowshoes is to see and feel nature at its purest. The tranquility of fresh snow on mountains and trees and the unique feeling of being the first to mark your way through the fresh powder…

Scandinavian nomads and inuits from Greenland and North America used snowshoes for easier commute. By now, snowshoe hiking has evolved into a popular winter sport for everybody. Walk at a leisurely pace enjoying the outdoors and the fresh air, or take it up a notch by using your snowshoes for an active and adventurous workout session.

Snowshoe Hiking: the technique

Snowshoes are simply strapped under your feet. They prevent you from sinking into the fresh powder and make for easier hiking in the snow.

Here are some beautiful tours for you to enjoy:

Snowshoe Hike to Straubinger Haus

Length: ca. 5 km
Duration: ca. 2 hours
Description and further information


Snowshoe Hike Hausbergrunde

Length: 8.50 km
Duration: 3:30 hours
Description and further information
More on our blog in German:


Snowshoe Hike Klausenberg

Length: 6.10 km
Duration: 2 hours
Description and further information

Organized tours are offered here:

  • Ski- and Snowboard School Reit im Winkl-Winklmoos: 
Dorfstr. 38a, Phone: +49 8640 8358
  • Hausberg Ski- and Snowboard School: Dorfstr. 36, Phone: +49 8640 798787
  • Cross Country Skiing Reit im Winkl
 : Tiroler Str. 11, Phone: +49 8640 798688

All dates for snowshoe hiking tours can be found in our event calender.

Snowshoe rentals in Reit im Winkl:

  • Intersport Skihütte, Tiroler Str. 2, Phone: +49 8640 7969290
  • Sport Dorner, Tiroler Str. 11, Phone: +49 8640 798688
  • Hausberg Skiverleih, Dorfstr. 36, Phone: +49 8640 798787
  • Berggasthof Sonnenalm, Winklmoos-Alm, Phone: +49 8640 79720

Please note: All Reit im Winkl snowshoe routes are located in an alpine area that is not constantly supervised and controlled. Therefore, experience, caution and suitable gear are an absolute must, as are maps and knowledge of the weather conditions. The suggested hikes are also offered as organized and guided tours by the local ski and cross-country schools.