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Snow Report

Snow Report

Latest information: 17.01.2019 07:44:09

Last snowfall: 15.01.2019

weather & Snow heights 8:30 Uhr
Snow heights weather
Reit im Winkl - Valley 123 cm
Winklmoos-Alm 270 cm
Hemmersuppenalm 275 cm
Steinplatte 320 cm
Valley Mountain
-9 °C -2 °C

Mountain lifts
Eight chair cabin Winklmoos-Alm Closed
Four chair lift Roßalm Closed
T bar drag lift Closed
Six chair lift Scheibelberg Closed
Downhill to the valley seegatterl Closed
Four chair lift Schwazlofer Opened
Four chair lift Mösern Opened
Six chair lift Plattenkogel Opened
Four chair lift Bäreck Opened
Six chair lift Kammerköhr Opened
Eight chair lift Steinplatte Opened
Six chair lift Kapellen Opened
Funpark Steinplatte Opened
Reit im Winkl
Benz-Eck mountain lift Opened
Cross country ski run
Nr. 01 Wellness- cross country ski run 2,1 km groomed
Nr.02 Sun-Cross country ski run 3,4 km groomed
Nr. 03 Winterforest-cross country ski run 3,8 km not groomed
Nr. 04 Activ-cross country ski run 5 km not groomed
Nr. 05 Romantic- cross country ski run 8,1 km not groomed
Nr. 06 Chiemgau- cross country ski run 24,10 km not groomed
Nr. 10 Skating- cross country ski run Loferau 3,0 km not groomed
Nr. 10a floodlight- cross country ski run (tu. & th.) 2,6 km groomed
Nr. 11 Skating-cross country ski run Blindau 3,5 km groomed
Nr. 06 Weitsee-cross country ski run 4 km not groomed
Connecting-cross country ski run Weitsee-Ruhpolding 2 km not groomed
Nr.13 Round-cross country ski run Winklmoos-Alm 1,2 km not groomed
Nr. 07 Borderland-cross country ski run Winklmoos-Alm 5,2 km not groomed
Nr. 14 Cross country ski run Moarlack 5,5 km not groomed
Nr. 16 Skating-Round cross country ski run Winklmoos-Alm 3,5 km not groomed
Cross Country ski run up to Seegatterl-Winklmoos-Alm 6,8 km not groomed
Way up to the Nattersbergalm-Hemmersuppenalm 5 km not groomed
Nr. 08 Panorama-cross country ski run 10 km groomed
Nr. 08a Panorama-cross country ski run 5 km groomed
Nr. 12 Skating- Cross country ski run Hemmersuppenalm 10 km groomed
Nr. 12 Skating-cross country ski run Hemmersuppenalm 5 km groomed
Winter hiking paths
Village area Reit im Winkl groomed
Premium winter hiking path Kaiserblick Village area not groomed
Reit im Winkl-Birnbach-Oberbichl groomed
Premium winter hiking path Panorama Hemmersuppenalm groomed
Reit im Winkl - Seegatterl - Weitsee not groomed
Seegatterl - Nattersbergalm - Hemmersuppenalm not groomed
Seegatterl - Winklmoos-Alm not groomed
Winklmoos-Alm not groomed
Sledging route from the Hindenburghütte 4km groomed
Childrens sledging at the Hindenburghütte groomed
Childrens sledging Winklmoos-Alm groomed
Sledging Cross countrystation groomed
Childrens Sledging Benz-Eck lifts Blindau groomed
Snowtubing Benz-Eck-Lifte Blindau groomed