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A small glimpse of our town

The way was difficult and the borders were tight. Surrounded by mountains, Reit im Winkl really was cut off from neighboring areas in earlier times, especially in winter. Today this isolation, still implied in the name (Winkl means corner), need not be taken literally anymore. Reit im Winkl belongs to Bavaria, but the Austrian states of Tyrol and Salzburg are near. Reit im Winkl has become borderless and the horizon is exhilarating.

The mountain and ski-village Reit im Winkl is one of the leading clean air rehabilitation spas and furthermore is a hiking paradise in the Bavarian Alps. At an altitude of 695m, Reit im Winkl gets remarkable amounts of snow in the winter and is known for that well beyond Bavaria’s borders.
Well-kept, century-old farms sit amidst a countryside that has kept its charm and gives the town a unique appeal.

Reit im Winkl offers…

Unspoiled nature, serenity, cultural and culinary highlights, adventure, relaxation, wellness and physical activities almost around the clock. Reit im Winkl offers numerous possibilities for leisure and relaxation and leaves few desires unfilled.

Typical summer activities include: Nordic Walking, golf, guided hikes and MTB-Tours, miniature golf, outdoor chess and of course numerous bicycle- and hiking trails to cover on your own, tennis courts, indoor- and outdoor pools, water-slide and beach volleyball (at the outdoor pool).


is an important source of income for more than 80% of its 3000 inhabitants. Roughly 400 establishments with 5000 guest beds offer something for everyone: rustic inns, private B&Bs, farms, holiday apartments and hotels from 1 to 4 stars.
Approximately 60 restaurants are here to please your palate and offer culinary delights ranging from hearty snacks, Bavarian delicacies all the way to gourmet delights.

The cultural palette...

in Reit im Winkl includes: folk music, concerts at the music pavilion, operettas, musicals, live shows by world-famous musicians, folklore evenings, folk theatre performances and much more.
Guest welcoming evenings and colorful folk parades offer an excellent glimpse into Bavarian traditions and its zest for life.

Join Reit im Winkl…

in its celebration of life. The population is proud of its heritage and takes pride in preserving it for today’s and future generations.
You are cordially invited to experience the singing and dancing and our processions and parades. Come celebrate with us!