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Mountain rescue

For hiking, skiing and cross-country skiers and mountain climbers with emergencies on the slopes / trails / hiking trails and in rough terrain, we are the first aid provider.

Welcome to the Reit im Winkl Mountain rescue service!
Skiers (downhill and cross-country), hikers, mountain climbers and everybody who enjoys the mountains can rely on our first aid experience. Ever since the founding in 1925, we consider it our duty to help people in emergencies, whether on the slopes, trails or even in rough terrain. In close cooperation with the control center in Traunstein and search and rescue helicopters, our team for Reit im Winkl / Winklmoos professionally organizes searches and rescues as well as first aid, often under extremely hard conditions. Especially avalanche emergencies require sound training and years of experience, as the rescue team is in great danger itself. Our Chiemgau search and avalanche dogs are indespendable when it comes to finding and rescuing avalanche victims.


In an emergency, call 112. State your location, casualties and possible injuries (especially if you’re calling from a cell phone as you might be transferred to help outside Germany. Also note that you’ll have to dial the German country code +49 if your cell phone provider lists Austria, for example). If at all possible, please wait for the mountain rescue service; we will do everything to get to the site as soon as possible.


The mountain rescue team consists of active and voluntary members. We care about nature, the mountains and the environment. To this end, we actively engage the next generation to see the beauty of our world and be a part of it, especially in cooperation with the Alpenverein. We look forward to every new member and guarantee a sound and professional education and training.