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Jibskate Park

Our training area for all those who love cross-country skiing.

Learn how to start and stop, change lanes and overcome obstacles at our famous cross-country World Cup stadium. The nordic and jibskate park is equally perfect for beginners and pros who want to learn or simply further improve their technique. For the young and the wild and for the fun of it, there are rails, kikkers, jumps and bumps.

So, what is Jibskate? A mixture between snowboarding and skating, it’s nordic freestyle skiing – tricks, saltos, slides and jumps on special cross-country skis. Here’s a little introduction to the various tricks on jibskates:


180, 360, 540, 720 or D Spin – horizontal spins in the air


back, front and under – crazy saltos


gliding sideways on various objects

Last not least:

Rodeo, Lincoln, Lincoln Loop 180, Cork 5, Switch, Take-off, Landing, Half Cab Mute Grap .... Alley Oop!