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A tribute to our guests

You`ve been to Reit im Winkl for 3, 5, 10 or even more times? Come to one of our theme nights and enjoy the special tributes to our regular guests. Here for the first time? All the more reason to come celebrate with us!

Important information for regular guests:

You`re a regular visitor to Reit im Winkl? Join the theme nights and enjoy our tributes with special awards just for you! Please sign up in advance (at least 1 day prior to the event) at the Tourist Information where you will also receive your free ticket.

Awards for regular guests (the minium stay is 7 nights):

3 years: Silver brooch
5 years: Gold brooch
10 years: A picture of Reit im Winkl in summer or winter, alternatively a typical Bavarian wooden cutting board
20 years: A small typical Bavarian clay jug with inscription and certificate
30 years: Typical Bavarian clay jug with inscription and certificate
40 years: Typical Bavarian clay plate with inscription and certificate
50 years: Reverse glass painting with emblem and certificate