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Tradition and Heritage

Because we care.

Tradition goes a long way in our region and we love to keep it alive – with music, local specialities and traditional costumes.

Heritage is the root of culture and Reit im Winkl is the living proof. We wear our traditional costumes, like „Dirndl“ and „Lederhosen“ not only on special occasions but in daily life, just as we enjoy and make crafts and folk music. Come join us at one of our festivals and events with music, local specialities and beer and experience the well-known Bavarian hospitality for yourself.

Major events, where religion and tradition go along beautifully, are for instance putting up the annual Maibaum or the Feast of Corpus Christi. Most rites are religious and date back to the beginnings of Christ. Almost all of them are still alive, cherised and celebrated today, some of them with minor adjustments. The church and our beloved heritage offer a lot of traditional events all year round.

Tradition does not keep us from the modern world – on the contrary. We certainly enjoy and host modern, classic and international events as we believe in the fusion of modern culture and tradition in our region. At the same time, we encourage local music and choirs, theater groups, sports and events.

Please join us! More information and dates at our local Trachtenverein.