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Reit im Winkl Hiking Bus (Wanderbus) - Ober- & Unterwössen

The Hiking Bus takes you to four of the most popular starting points for walks and hikes in the Chiemgau Alps. From these well located starting points you can plan round trips, tours including other stops on the bus route or hikes which take you back to your holiday base.

Key points of information regarding the walking bus:

  • The bus route is free of charge for guests with a Reit im Winkl Inklusiv Card
  • Bus operates from June 2 to October 16 2020
  • For detailed planning of your walking routes we would recommend the Reit im Winkl Hiking Map, available in the tourist information or simply order online.
  • Please take care to check the closure days of the mountain restaurants on your route
  • To get an overview of the hiking bus offer you can pick up the information sheet and timetable at the tourist office

Hiking bus timetable 2020 - June 2 to October 16:


Tuesdays - Destination Streichenkirche
operates depending on border and immigration regulations


Morning Afternoon 
Unterwössen Tourist Info09:05Kössen Veranstaltungszentrum15:55
Brem09:13Streichenkirche Wanderparkplatz16:15
Oberwössen Gasthaus Post09:15Unterwössen Tourist Info16:35
Reit im Winkl Tourist Info09:30Brem16:42
Kössen Veranstaltungszentrum09:40Oberwössen Gasthaus Post16:45
Streichenkirche Wanderparkplatz10:00Reit im Winkl Tourist Info17:00


Thursday - Destination Winklmoos-Alm

Morning Afternoon 
Unterwössen Tourist Info09:05Winklmoos-Alm15:00
Oberwössen Gasthaus Post09:15Reit im Winkl Tourist Info15:19
Reit im Winkl Tourist Info09:30Oberwössen Gasthaus Post15:34
Winklmoos-Alm09:50Unterwössen Tourist Info15:44


Friday - Destination Lake Weitsee

Morning Afternoon 
Unterwössen Tourist Info09:05Weitsee Badeplatz Steg16:00
Brem09:13Weitsee/ Röthelmoos16:02
Oberwössen Gasthaus Post09:15Seegatterl16:05
Reit im Winkl Tourist Info09:30Reit im Winkl Tourist Info16:15
Seegatterl09:40Oberwössen Gasthaus Post16:30
Weitsee/ Röthelmoos09:45Brem16:32
Weitsee Badeplatz Steg09:47Unterwössen Tourist Info16:37

For other transport needs you can access information on taxis and car rental here Taxi und Mietwagen.

Here is a selection of the hikes you can do:

Further information can be found on the hiking map or on the hiking bus brochure.
Many tours can be walked in either direction. The team in the tourist office will be happy to help you with your planning.