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Hausbachfall Via Ferrata

For 100 years there has been walking path along side the Hausbach waterfall in Reit im Winkl in the Chiemgau. The walking path and fixed rope climbing path are both easy to reach from the town centre.

It was the first via ferrate in the Chiemgau and also the first safety approved path of its kind in Germany.

Length:  400 metres
Duration: In total 1 hour 45 minutes
15 minutes to the start of the via ferrata
1 hour on the via ferrata
30 minutes descent

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Total climb: 100 metres
Difficulty grading: C medium to difficult
(for smaller climbers D – difficult to very difficult)

Parking: At the Festsaal in Reit im Winkl Tiroler Straße 37
From here it is a 15 minute walk to the start of the via ferrata. The via ferrata is located behind the church at Grünbühel next to the Barfußpark.

Opening Times:
The via ferrata is accessible in spring, summer and autumn depending upon weather conditions. Open in winter as long as there is no snow on the descent!

Warning: The via ferrata is located close to a waterfall, therefore climbers will encounter wet conditions along the path in the days following rainfall. Climbing in wet conditions is not recommended.


  • The via ferrata is only to be used with the correct climbing equipment, helmets and gloves.

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