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Summer holidays for families

Do you already know this part of paradise? The spectacular mountain view is worth a visit on its own. Replace stress, noise and hectic for recuperation in an unequalled mountain region of the Winklmoos-Alm. Regain strength and energy from nature.

The Winklmoos-Alm made its claim to fame as the home of “Gold-Rosi” Mittermaier, the 1979 multi-medal winner (two gold, one silver) in the alpine skiing events at the winter Olympics in Innsbruck. The popular winter ski-resort for the active alpine skier is widely known and has a appealing charm during all other seasons as well.

This high alpine farm community is situated at an elevation of 1200 m, located only 10km from Reit im Winkl, and is well worth seeing. The visit’s payoff is an extraordinary landscape with a grand panorama of the Loferer Steinberge.
The alm region is situated on a high plateau between the Dürrnbachhorn (1776 m) and the Kammerköhrplatte (1870 m) and as such is an ideal starting point for extended hikes, MTB- and bicycle tours, as well as recreational walks through quiet mountain forests and across sunny alpine meadows.

Besides numerous hiking trails, the Winklmoos-Alm has the first German “Nordic Walking High Area”, a marked Nordic Walking trail (5,6 km), which offers the benefits of a altitude training.
It follows the loop trail hike “Winklmoos-Alm” (No. 7) which passes the Tanzanger and the Mösererstube.


An extra special offer for Reit im Winkl holidaymakers:

With the Reit im Winkl inklusiv Card guests can drive on the toll road from Seegatterl to the Winklmoos-Alm for free. In addition, on Thursday in the summer season, guests can also use the free walking bus from Reit im Winkl to the Winklmoos-Alm.

Hiking suggestions:

Tour 1: Drive up to the Winklmoos-Alm (1160 m) in your own car (or take the bus), start your hike by climbing the Dürrnbachhorn (1767 m), back to the Wildalm – Finsterbachalm and Winklmoos-Alm (partially hike trail Nr. 12), approx. 10 km. Ridge hike, rating: difficult. Take along sandwiches/snacks and drinks!

Tour 2: Drive up to the Winklmoos-Alm (1160 m) in your own car (or take the bus). Start out to Eibenstock – Schwarzloferalm – parking lot Steinplatte (1400 m), to the alpine nature path (direction Durchkaseralm 1465 m), back via the Gasthof Steinplatte – Möseralm – Scheibelberg (1465 m), Winklmoos-Alm, approx. 20 km. Rating: easy hike to an alm area rich with flowers.

Tour 3: Drive up to the Winklmoos-Alm (1160 m) in your own car (or take the bus). – Moarlack – Heutal to Staubfall waterfall (875m), return via Heutal to the Winklmoos-Alm, approx. 19 km. Easy hike on wide trails. Take along a snack!

Tour 4: Drive to the Seegatterl parking lot in your own car (or take the bus) and take the bus up to Winklmoos-Alm. Start your tour to Eibenstock and then head on to the Pflegereck (1320 m) – Hemmersuppenalm – Hindenburghütte (1200 m), via Nattersbergalm (896 m) to Seegatterl, approx. 20 km. Easy hike. Take along a snack!

Special Events announcement:

Worth seeing is the Winklmoos-Alm landmark, “Mariä Himmelfahrt”, a small chapel where an annual mountain mass with a blessing of herbs* takes place each year on August 15th. * Local women collect various herbs which are tied into a small bouquet. These bouquets are blessed during mass and later taken home. Some bouquets are usually for sale, but they go quickly.

How to get there:

Between the towns of Reit im Winkl and Ruhpolding is the parking lot and toll road fee collection station Seegatterl. From there it is 5 km to the Winklmoosalm (by car/bus in the summer, bus only in the winter or by hiking.)

On foot: Take hiking trail Nr. 112 through the Dürrnbachschlucht (gorge) or by the hiking trail Nr. 14 through the Schwarzlofergraben.

By car or motorcycle: Take the mountain toll road. Discounted with your guest card.

By bus Nr. 9507: There’s a regular bus connection from the Seegatterl parking lot or Reit im Winkl.