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Nordic Walking and Nordic High Walking

Reit im Winkl offers you good signposted Nordic Walking routes in the valley and on the famous "Winklmoosalm".

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking has its origins in the Scandinavian countries, especially Finland. It was developed as a summer training idea for cross-country skiers that closely followed their sports body movements. From that idea sprung a new sport that now has more and more followers.

The mode of movement is easy to learn and uses nearly the complete musculature. It uses more calories than just walking and is excellent training for the cardiovascular system. Besides the various forms of endurance training, Nordic Walking includes also specific strengthening and stretching exercises.

With the Reit im Winkl inclusive offer from May 29 – October 10, 2007 you may participate in a Nordic-Walking class which is offered every Tuesday at 10 a.m. at no charge.

The trail system Reit im Winkl offers everything the Nordic Walking heart desires: from easy (blue) to difficult (black).

Siegsdorfer Petrusquellen Trail: Rating: easy (blue), length 5 km, total elevation gain 47m, elevation difference 20 m. Heart monitor board at the 4 km point.

Haas Fertigbau-Trail: Rating: medium (red), length 7.9 km, total elevation gain 128 m, elevation difference 65 m. Heart monitor boards at the 4 and 7 km point.

Skihütte-Trail: Rating: difficult (black), length 9,8 km, total elevation gain 375 m, elevation difference 226 m. Heart monitor board at the 5 km point.
Hausberg-Trail: Rating: difficult (black), length 18,1 km, total elevation gain 375 m, elevation difference 226 m. Heart monitor boards at approx. 6 and 17 km point.

Siegsdorfer Petrusquellen Trail - Winklmoos: Rating: easy (blue), length 5.6 km, total elevation gain 100m, elevation difference 58 m. Heart monitor board at approx. 3 km point.

Health aspects

Nordic Walking leads to an increased heart rate and oxygen intake. Nordic Walking roughly burns 400 calories/hour vs. 280 calories/hour when walking.
Nordic Walking strengthens the upper back muscles, is a preventive measure for back pain and reduces knee stress significantly.