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Mountainbike tours in Reit im Winkl

The area araound Reit im Winkl with its Winklmoosalm and the Kaiserwinkl represents one of the nicest MTB stomping grounds in the alps.

MTB tours in Reit im Winkl

The area around Reit im Winkl, with its Winklmoosalm and the Kaiserwinkl represents one of the nicest MTB stomping grounds in the alps. Collectors of vertical meters and active families will “get their moneys worth” here
Natural beauty, solitary walks and forest roads, swimming lakes, cultural variety and an excellent food service complete the offer.

Summary of the best MTB tours:

Getting around Reit im Winkl

Description: Easy round-trip through all areas of Reit im Winkl with a nice view of the town and its mountains.
Rating: Easy
Time: 1,5 hours
Distance: 12,5 km
Altitude difference: 300 meters
(Tour Nr. 1 MTB guide “Bike im Winkl”)


Seegatterl – Nattersbergalm – Hemmersuppenalm – Reit im Winkl

Description: Covers the alpine area of Hemmersuppenalm above the Hindenburghütte and includes a nice view of Lake Chiemsee.
Difficult: medium
Time: 3 hours
Distance: 32 km
Altitude difference: 600 meters
(Tour Nr. 3 Mountainbike guide “Bike im Winkl”)

Reit im Winkl - Klausenberg - Weißenstein - Straubinger Haus - Reit im Winkl

Description: Strenuous mountain-bike tour with great views and possibility of climbing a peak
Rating: Strenuous
Time: 4 hours
Distance: 30 km
Altitude difference: 1000 meters
(Tour Nr. 7 MTB guide “Bike im Winkl”)

The Winklmoosalm is the starting point for the following tours!

Roßhütte - Schwarzlofer - Steinplatte - Möseralm - Winklmoos

Description: The nicest bicycle tour on Winklmoosalm, with the option to climb the Steinplatte peak
Rating: Strenuous
Time: 3 hours
Distance: 20 km
Altitude difference: 700 meters
(Tour Nr. 13 MTB guide “Bike im Winkl”)

Heutal - Hochalm - Moarlack - Winklmoos

Description: Round trip to the Heutal and to the foot of the Sonntagshorn, the tallest mountain in the Chiemgau alps and possibility of climbing to the peak
Rating: medium
Time: 1,5 - 4 hours
Distance: 11 - 24 km
Altitude difference: 650 meters
(Tour Nr. 14 MTB guide “Bike im Winkl”)

Wildalm - Finsterbachalm - Dürrnbachalm - Winklmoos

Description: nice round trip through forests to the various alms with views that surprise you again and again
Rating: medium
Time: 1,5 hours
Distance: 15 km
Altitude difference: 400 meters
(Tour Nr. 16 MTB guide “Bike im Winkl”)

Heutal - Friedlwirt - Eiblklamm - Schwarzbergklamm - Tanzanger - Winklmoos

Description: impressive round trip which descends on the sunny side and climbs through the cool wild-romantic Unkenbachtal
Rating: medium
Time: 3,5 hours
Distance: 25,5 km
Altitude difference: 550 meters
(Tour Nr. 17 MTB guide “Bike im Winkl”)

Tanzanger - Schwarzbergklamm - Loferer Alm - Lofer - Waidring - Steinplatte

Description: “Tour de force” round trip with lots of options and great views of the Loferer Steinberge
Rating: medium - strenuous
Time: 4 – 8 hours
Distance: 38 - 71 km
Altitude difference: 550 - 1450 meters
(Tour Nr. 18 MTB guide “Bike im Winkl”)

A description of all tours are listed in the “Bike im Winkl” MTB guide!