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Free guided tours: Winter Hiking

Discover together with our guide the snowy mountains of the Chiemgau Alps, for example on the Winklmoosalm or Hemmersuppenalm!

Come along and experience the beauty of the alps in winter. Each Wednesday and Friday our tour guides are happy to take you along the well prepared paths and show you the most wonderful mountain spots surrounding Reit im Winkl.



Free and guided winter tours: Premium tours on Fridays, Alpine tours on Wednesdays 


Tour 1: Premium tour "Kaiserblick"
The certified premium path through our wonderful valley leads you through the Loferauen to Entfelden and back to the cross-country stadium. 6 km of beautiful and various landscapes, including an impressive and unobstructed view of the Kaisergebirge.

Duration: 2 hours 

Level: easy

Tour 2: Premium tour "Panoramaweg"
This 6 km premium tour is located on the hilly plateau of Hemmersuppenalm. A very soothing hike, highlighted by spectacular views of Lake Chiemsee and the Chiemgau Alps. Some years ago, this path was certified as the first German premium winter tour by the German Hiking Institute. (Transfer costs apply)

Duration: 5 hours
Level: medium

Tour 3: Birnbach - Hutzenalm (Altitude: 1000 m)
This tour starts out as an easy hike with only a few uphill parts. From Birnbach on, you’ll need a little more stamina as the path gets steeper. Just remember: At the top, there’s a cosy cabin waiting with delicious food and drinks – it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you get there. And if you don’t feel like hiking back or the weather turns: There’s always the option to take the bus back from Birnbach.

Duration: 5 hours
Level: medium

Tour 4: Winklmoos-Alm - Wildalm
The gondola takes us to our starting point at Winklmoos Alm. From there, the even and easy “Winklmooser Rundweg” leads us through the snowy moor until we reach the junction for Wildalm. The path gets steep for about 300 m before it turns into a relatively easy finale to Wildalm. As a reward, you’ll not only enjoy a nice rest but also a breathtaking view of the mountains.
(Transfer costs apply)

Duration: 6 hours

Level: medium

Tour 5: Hindenburghütte - Nattersbergalm
An easy tour that is almost all downhill. A minivan takes us to our starting point at Hindenburghütte (Altitude: 1200 m). Through the forest, we make our way to Nattersbergalm for a short rest. From Seegatterl, you later have the option to take the bus back to Reit im Winkl (Transfer costs apply).

Duration: 5 hours
Level: easy

Booking is not necessary and the tours are free with your Reit im Winkl inklusiv Card. Where needed, transfer costs may arise.