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Electric-Bikes, bicycling the easy way

Experience alpine peaks and valleys from a bicyclist’s perspective, without over-exerting yourself. It’s simply great fun!

Reit im Winkl offers this relaxing mode of transportation complete with suggested routes, guided tours and rental Electric Bikes. 

How To:

E-Bikes are equipped with an electric motor which assists you while you peddle. This aid can be freely adjusted depending on the incline of the road. Steep hills can be conquered quite easily, while still having fun. We’ve tested them and we are sold on the idea. But try it for yourself!

Rentals are available at:

  • T&T E-Bikes (E-Bikes), Dorfstr 20., Tel. +49 8640 1243
  • Die RadGeber at Hotel Villa Mittermaier, Chiemseestraße 2a, Tel. +49 8640 8422 (E-Bikes, MTB, Tourenräder, Kinderräder, Fat Bikes)
  • SonnenAlm at Winklmoos-Alm , Tel.: +49 8640 79720

Suggested tours for E-Bikes:
Village Tour (12 km)
(More tours to follow)