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Reit im Winkl VIPs

Reit im Winkl is the home of many celebrities. Do you want to find out more about Maria and Margot Hellwig, Evi-Sachenbacher-Stehle, Rosi Mittermaier or Takeo Ischi? Here you’ll find out more.

They have helped to make Reit im Winkl famous. Whether through sports or artistic endeavors – the Reit im Winkl people are proud of their VIPs!

Rosi Mittermaier (b. August 5th, 1950)

With her alpine skiing successes and her Bavarian heartiness, Rosi Mittermaier became one of the most popular ski racers of all times. During the Olympic Winter Games of Innsbruck 1976, she became the world’s “Golden Rosi”.

Rosi Mittermaiers career highlights:

• 14 German master titles
• Winner of 10 world cup races
• 1976 World champion in downhill, slalom and alpine combination
• 1976 Overall winner of the alpine skiing world cup
• 1976 Winner of the Slalom world cup
• 1976 Olympic gold medalist in downhill and slalom
• 1976 Olympic silver medalist in the giant slalom
1964-1976 Member of the German National Ski-Team
1970 and 1974 Participant of the Ski World Championships
1968, 1972 and 1976 Olympic Winter Games participant

Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle (b. November 27th, 1980)

Since her gold medal in the Olympic Games of Salt Lake City, Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle has joined Rosi Mittermainer as one of Reit im Winkl’s famous daughters.

Evi Sachenbacher-Stehles career highlights:
• Olympic gold medalist in relay
• Triple Olympic silver medalist winner
• World Champion relay
• Triple vice World Champion
• World Champion Bronze medalist
• Junior World Champion
• Junior Silver Medalist
• 2-times Junior Bronze medalist
• 4-times German Champion
• 2-times Junior Master
Evi Sachenbacher’s web page:

Maria and Margot Hellwig (Maria b. February 22nd, 1920) (Margot b. July 5th, 1941)

This Mother and daughter duo have delighted friends of German folk music with more than 600 songs and they’ve published more than 150 music recordings. They have been on 600+ TV-shows and thereby reached more than 5 billion people.
Maria and Margot Hellwig can look back over a career that has lasted and unbelievable five decades. They are Reit im Winkl’s most famous folk singers and they have helped make Reit im Winkl world-famous.

Takeo Ischi (b. March 3rd, 1947)

Takeo Ischi is currently the best known and best yodeler in the German speaking part of the world.
He has a natural gift of instantly spreading his enthusiasm and love to his audience. When he enters the stage in a traditional Japanese kimono and starts singing Japanese folk songs, one hardly suspects he has a Lederhose under his Japanese garb. But once he takes off his kimono, the transformation is perfect and he thrills his audience with perfect yodeling.

About 25 years ago he began his TV-career in Europe. He came through Switzerland and Austria to Germany, to Reit im Winkl to be exact, where he still lives with his wife and four sons. He is a very likable person and a fascinating yodeling talent.