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Cultural events

Enjoy numerous events ….

Reit im Winkl’s colorful traditions vary according to season.
Experience and learn about Bavarian customs, folk dance and music in a gemütlich atmosphere. 

Our calendar of events may include:

  • Folklore evenings
  • Carnival procession on Shrove Tuesday
  • Blessing of palm branches on palm Sunday 
  • Easter fire on Easter Sunday 
  • May Pole fest (every 5 to 6 years) on May 1st 
  • Corpus Christi Procession 
  • Folk Theatre (weekly in season) 
  • Folklore evenings
  • Blindau township festival (middle of August) 
  • And many more


  • Folk Theatre

Our amateur actors and actresses are popular with the young and old. Even if you don’t speak German (or Bavarian) fluently you may want to consider visiting a performance, for the plays provide a deep insight into the Bavarian soul!

  • May Pole

Setting up a may pole has its roots in the Germanic and Slovakian tradition. In Reit im Winkl and its neighboring towns you’ll find unique May Poles, which are put up every three to five years. Usually there is a May Pole fest every year not too far from Reit im Winkl. (Reit im Winkl’s was last put up in 2019.)