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Business meetings

Events, seminars or business meetings: Any event is a guaranteed success when held in 695 m altitude, surrounded by stunning moutains.

The „Festsaal“

Our Festsaal is a modern, multi-functional culture and convention center. A variable room concept allows for up to 900 guests and participants. The traditional, light and friendly architecture blends well with the beautiful landscape, where an outdoor stage allows for performances and events with an undisturbed panorama view of the mountains.
Event hosts may request our info brochure with technical and organisational details. For accomodation, please contact our rooms division at the Tourist Information. All premises are handicapped accessible with an elevator from the underground parking lot.


• Main hall (573 m&³2;) holds
- 700 persons (beer banks and tables)
- 500 persons (banquet seating)
- 600 persons (row seating)
• 2 seminar- and conference rooms
(200 m&³2;) for up to 150 persons
• Foyer (127 m&³2;) with space for exhibitions
• Restaurant (109 m&³2;)
• Stage (36 m&³2;)
• Open air stage (141 m&³2;) for big events and concerts; with 2 protected bars in Winter.


• Underground parking (1148 m&³2;, 44 spaces) and outdoor parking (18 spaces).


• „Reit im Winkler Stuben“, Tiroler Straße 37; Phone: +49 8640 797776, Fax: +49 8640 797797