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NaturReich AlmYoga - the studio for yoga, fitness, relaxation and a healthy back

Courses in an alpine hut

Our courses take place in the Unterwirtsalm in the center of Reit im Winkl (Schwimmbadstraße 13, next to the outdoor swimming pool). The alpine hut offers an authentic, cozy and absolutely unique environment. In summer, the courses take place on the wooden terrace of the Alm when the weather is good.

Course offers

All of our courses are open courses. Join us any time. Our offers are aimed at adults aged 18 and over and are particularly suitable for seniors. We teach in small groups of up to 12 people.



You can book our courses online. Prior registration (at least 24 hours in advance) is essential for all courses. This also applies to the purchase of blocks of 3/5/10.



Hatha yoga

Original form of yoga. The practice is adapted to the practitioner. Promotes relaxation and provides more strength and flexibility.

Back yoga

Tensions in the back and shoulder muscles are released, the spine and joints are mobilized and the back muscles are strengthened and stabilized. The supporting abdominal muscles are strengthened.

Yin yoga

Calm and relaxing postures are held for several minutes and act on the deeper layers of connective tissue (fascia).

Qi Gong **

To increase the life force. Easier than yoga, but with the same positive health effects. You practice completely calm and relaxed with gentle, flowing movements.

Tai Chi Chuan

Movement meditation / martial arts. Gentle and soft like Qi Gong, but the movements are combined into a form sequence without interruption.

IDOGO Chi Kung **

Training with the Idogo wooden stick optimizes posture and breathing, gently and effectively coordinates motor skills and relieves tension.

**) The exercises can also be performed while sitting. Therefore, these courses (Qi Gong & IDOGO Chi Kung) are suitable for people with restricted mobility as well as for wheelchair users. These exercise offers can have a positive effect on the following diseases: multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson's, rheumatism and after a stroke. However, please discuss your intention to participate with your doctor beforehand.


Further course offers

Orthopedic back school

Targeted training for the back, stomach and legs. For strengthening, stabilizing and stretching the entire musculature. Can relieve pain and promote mobility and body awareness. Also suitable for osteoporosis.


Burnout prevention "decelerates, grounded, present"

Workshop for holistic wellbeing, 1 per month 2h on Saturday

This workshop includes:

  • Body mobilization exercises - fascia stretching
  • Qigong, acupressure, meditation
  • Exercises from evolutionary education, connecting the halves of the brain

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